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June 5, 2015

Lilac Heaven

I tell you I'm in heaven when I smell these lilacs! 
 They bloom quite late but man they are worth the wait!
I'm guessing mine is a Dwarf Korean Lilac- I don't seem to have a tag but I did some reading up on them and they way this one is been grown on a tree form sounds it fits the bill!

You can see the lilac trimmed like a topiary on the left.  When I spotted it at the nursery it was shaped up as a topiary.  I kept working to keep it that way as it grew but I realized that when spring came around each year it wasn't flower much at all.  All that trimming was ruining next years buds.

So last year I barely trimmed it after it flowered.  I helped it a go into more of a globe shape and this is what I have for this year which I'm thrilled about.  I literally only had about 4 blossoms last year so this is a huge improvement!

I wish I could bottle up their exact smell!

These are the Donald Wyman lilacs which I selected because I wanted to make a hedge of plants to create a bit of a privacy wall.  It gave me the opportunity to have more lilacs although I will say they are not an impressive looking lilac nor do they have a great smell. 

 My deep purple Bearded Iris will be blooming soon.  Some things are very slow this year and some seem early.  These seem slow.  I need to dig them out which I keep saying and split them up.  Somehow I never seem to remember to do it!

We will be gone a few days and I may miss the Bearded Iris flowering.  We have someone looking after the house so I'm going to ask if he can snap pictures for me so I don't feel too bad for missing them!

Out front things are coming along quite well on the island.  

My peonies have rocketed up so fast!  I hope they wait until I'm back to bloom!

The Max Frei Cranesbill are starting to bloom- just a few flowers but soon they'll be showing off nicely.  I really like this plant and should use more of it.

I love columbine.  I enjoy their cute flower!

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for visiting, Liz


  1. Your garden is looking lush and beautiful, Liz. I like your lilac, as well as your lilac hedge. The arbor with vine growing up it is quite an attractive garden feature. We like 'Max Frei' too. A very reliable and prolific bloomer.

  2. Liz, Your gardens are beautiful. I would love a lilac plant like yours. My mother adored lilacs and irises.
    Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Your garden looks wonderful Liz and I'm really fond of this Lilac, it has a nice and tidy shape but yet the fragrance of an ordinary lilac shrub, which are beautiful during flowering time but the rest of year rather dull. A great addition to your garden.

  4. what a wonderful garden : thank you for sharing

  5. Hi Liz, love your garden and the lilac is beautiful. I can only imagine the fragrant scent. They remind me of my mother who had a beautiful bush and always brought a bouquet inside to enjoy. I hope your house watcher captures some flowering pics for you.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  6. Wow, Liz, everything looks so pretty! I want to add more flowering bushes to our landscape; and I really like your lilacs. I wonder if they would do well here? Your gardens just blow me away every year!

  7. I always enjoy visiting your garden, Liz. Things are growing and I hope you don't miss any of those blooms.

  8. What a beautiful garden you have! I too love the smell of lilacs and wish the smell could be bottled up and stored for dreary days of wintertime! I enjoyed the tour of your amazing garden. My peony just bloomed, and... had a sad ending (tale told on my blog...) I enjoyed the views of your garden, and hope you get to enjoy the beauty of your peony whenever it blooms!

  9. Great photos and I'd love to find a spot for that first lilac. My sister has one and I love it.

  10. Oh, Liz, your garden is so pretty! Beautiful lilac bush. I have one too! It's pretty tall and leggy and I'm going to read up on trimming it back at the right time. You probably already know this.
    Have a nice little trip.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)


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