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August 22, 2014

This Week's Ramblings #9

I'm finally done with the storage organizing.
  What a difficult task to make yourself do! It's no fun going through all your things, but I did get a chance to get rid of a lot of extra stuff.  There is more than shown here but I didn't figure it was important to show.  I kept thinking about aging and how other people end up having to go through your things if you die and that I didn't want to leave an out of control mess for them!  LOL... morbid aren't I!  Seriously though if you watch some of those episodes of hoarders it's enough to motivate you to clean up your home!

I only did one post this week and that was about my Soapy Apothecary
which you can see "here"

 I'm enjoying my Hydrangeas right now
Stop by my other blog and visit  "here"  This blog is focused
on my gardens

 I'm working on the mantel again...found some lanterns that inspired some change.

I'm considering ideas for fall decorating
I've noticed a lot of "green" accents vs. the usual heavy on orange look.  I was at Pier 1 and saw a fair amount of green too and I also noticed glitter is back this year.

 I snapped some pictures at Michael's. They used a fake/carvable pumpkin and carved out the family name and leaves and added the leaf cut-outs as an accent above, sprayed it with a bronze paint, laid it on it's side and attached a small wreath to the stem side.  I could see this outside on top of a chair, flower pot, crate etc., with a flameless candle put inside to light up the name.  You could carve out a small opening in the back and just pull the carved out piece back in after you put the candle inside.  I think I'd do this in some different colors but either way I thought it was a nice idea for an entryway or porch.

It's too early for me to decorate for fall but I am thinking about it.

So that's my ramblings for this week!

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  1. Gosh, Liz, your hydrangeas sure are pretty! The color is gorgeous! Love that cute little lantern, too! I've been trying to think about my Fall decor, as well. I never know what I'm going to do until I start pulling out my bins. I'm really liking a lot of the neutrals out there.

  2. I am thinking about fall too. Not to hard thou. We still have nearly a month for Summer left. I was at the HomeGoods store today and of course fall has already arrived there. Black, orange, and purple seemed to be dominating their displays. I do love that new lantern on your mantle Liz. I certainly would be inspired to change things up too. I can see that lantern in the middle of a gorgeous fall display.

  3. Your Hydrangeas are so pretty. Mine didn't do well this year. They are a fave of mine, and I missed having them this year. I have to go back and look at your apothecary in the bathroom. That looks so pretty. Isn't that cornucopia gorgeous? Love that ribbon they used in it. laurie


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