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February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Sis!

Tomorrow is my sister Jen's birthday.
I decided to throw a party for her although she is about 250 miles south of me and really can't be here for it- so we'll pretend!

There are 4 of us sisters so I'm going to pretend we're all here celebrating together. 

I wanted something fairly feminine so I chose this ruffled edge placemat to go with these scalloped edge dishes and a dainty embroidered floral napkin.

The mini cloche's make such a cute display and the curly ribbon added some more birthday flair!

I'm no good at cake decorating but I did manage 
to add these little candy pearls.  I got smart (for a change) and dumped them in a bowl and just dipped the cupcake upside down into it and like magic they're decorated!!  

More curly ribbons!

Time to celebrate!

I am joining the following parties-

Between Naps on the Porch


  1. What a sweet tablescape in honor of your sister's birthday! Aren't you the best sister! Your table setting is so pretty, love the pink and love your dishes! They are beautiful! Aww, those cloches are adorable too! You are so blessed to have three sisters! What a dream, I've not one...sigh...
    Have a wonderful and happy day and Happy Birthday to your sister, Jen! (love the name, our youngest is a Jen!)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What a sweet tablescape Liz, I am sure your sister will be amazed, I also want to thank you for hooking me up with Linda, come on over to check out what an outstanding job she did.

    2. Thank you Ramon. I'm so glad you gave Linda a chance to give your blog a new look! I think it looks great!

  3. I wish all of you could sit and enjoy this lovely table! Thanks for the cupcake tip, quite brilliant! I remember recently trying to use those delicate pearls and they do bounce right off the icing!

  4. Your table is just so pretty, I love the cloches. That's a great tip about decorating the cupcakes, too. I hope this doesn't show up as no-reply, I'm trying to fix that but Google doesn't make it easy for us Wordpress folks! -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  5. Happy Birthday to Jen!! What a sweet tribute and so girly - perfect for four sisters. Love your china and the ribbon curls and your idea about decorating the cupcakes was so smart!!

  6. What a beautiful setting for your sister's birthday, even if she can't be there. Happy birthday to her!...Christine

  7. Liz, Liz, Liz....Oh, Liz! You have just DONE IT, girl!!! DONE IT!!!!!!!! This is so, so delicate and pretty. I just know your sisters would hitchhike if they had to just to get to this table you've set!!! Girlfriend! It's so pretty!!! I just love pink, and you have done it in a way that makes it the epitome of all that is sweet and feminine and light. The addition of the curling ribbon is so sweet, especially within the floral arrangement. That's a great way to perk up a vase of flowers!

    Happy Birthday to Jen, and kudos to you for creating a table where ANY sister would be tickled pink to sit!

  8. Beautiful table setting, you are such a sweet sister. :) Happy Birthday to Jen, hope she has an amazing day! xo , Liz

  9. Very pretty table for your sister Jen, even though she is miles apart. she should feel so special. what girl or woman doesn't like a sweet pink table. Your dishes and napkins are so frilly and you added a fun whimsical touch with the curling ribbon.

  10. What a lovely table for Jen! We have all three of our boys' birthdays this month so it is a big party time here. I thought of doing a birthday table but ran out of time with everything else - maybe next week. I love the cloches - I need to drag mine out again. They certainly aren't easy to store are they?

  11. Such a beautiful table, Liz, and very springy! Great idea with the cupcake dipping. xo

  12. Ah, wish your sister could be dining with you at your beautiful table Liz! Hope you are doing well!

  13. What a pretty table setting! I think your sister would love it. Too bad y'all live so far apart. Hope she has a great birthday anyway.

  14. Smart move on the cupcake decorations! How I wish your sister could be at your house for her birthday. You have everything so pretty for her. Happy Birthday to Jen! :-)

  15. Beautiful table! I love the pretty china and placemats...

  16. Happy Birthday to your sister! Your table is delightful! You have the pretttiest china pattern. It's the perfect setting for all the girls. My sisters and I try to get together to celebrate our birthdays too, but like you, it doesn't always happen.

  17. Oh sweet Liz, your sister's 'pretend' birthday party is gorgeous! She missed it alright! Hope you sent her pictures of the gorgeous tablescape with the beautiful china and lovely centerpiece! We make a point to celebrate hubby's siblings's b'days, but some do and some don't! Thank you so much for your sweet and kind comment for our anniversary.

  18. what a beautiful table! and I love those cupcakes under glass. I'm sure your sister appreciated you thinking about her and having an imaginary party with the four of you!

  19. So glad to have a few moments to visit some of my favorite blogs...first opportunity since Sweet Mister's surgery. I always wish that I could be with my sister on her birthday, too. Your table is lovely. My favorite detail has to be there curly ribbon tied in the flowers. Great idea. Consider it stolen! Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay


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