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September 15, 2013

Happy Sunday

Good Sunday Morning!
I hope you are enjoying this last week of summer.
I'm delighted that my morning glories have finally started to bloom.  

It's a wee start but I'm happy just the same.

Now if the Sweet Autumn Clematis would show it's blooms I'd be really happy!  I can see the little flower heads forming so it won't be long.  

It's wet and overcast today.  Good think I spent yesterday outdoors.  I am starting to make a transition into some fall flowers.  I picked up some beautiful mums.

 I have plans for these!


  1. Liz - Happy Sunday too you too :) I hope you don't have too long to wait for your clematis to bloom.
    Love the look of those mums - especially that the compliment those terracotta pots.

  2. Happy Sunday Liz. All of my plants are now dying off and there was a major prune today before our first storm here this year. Enjoy your morning glories, I love the blue of their flowers they are so cheerful and of course the mum's, I love these and can never have enough. Enjoy your week. xx

  3. Gosh, Liz, I just love seeing pictures of your beautiful garden! I could just sit there forever! The mums are gorgeous. It's still too warm for them here; but, I've seen them in the nurseries. Hope to get some eventually!

  4. Very pretty Liz. It's nice to still have some blooms this late in the season. For me it's the shrubs still showing off, mums and sedum.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Lovely, Liz!
    My front yard garden is almost ready to start receiving flowers, I just don't think I'll start until the end of October as it is still too hot in here... only nights are cooler - and make me baby the idea of sleeping in the garden ahahahah
    We are still messing around the palm tree stump but for the rest it's almost done.
    With your permission I'll start asking advice for flowers and plants.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of your garden and inspire me in making mine.

  6. I found you through Cher at Sunray Gardens. I would LOVE to sit in your garden. Lovely!!


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