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February 10, 2013

A crystalline morning!

We woke to a very cold (zero degree F) but crystalline morning on Saturday. 
I was admiring how the sun was highlighting the ice on the trees.  
I only had my iPhone handy but I tried to capture it's beauty anyway.

 We readied ourselves quickly to make our 140 mile trip to see our daughter to celebrate her birthday as well as her father's (4 days apart)

 I took pictures from the car but at 70 mph on the freeway you are lucky to get anything!
  The sun was bright and really made for a pretty day. These pictures don't really show it's beauty but the snow on the ground glistened like billions of diamonds. 

 Once we got to Grand Rapids we went out for lunch.  It was brisk but it did eventually warm up into the 20's.
Dan's fare at Lunch and dinner...
and Yellow Fin Tuna
 We had a nice visit and she brought her 
rabbit out to play with. 
Bam is a Holland Lop- he was rescued 
from a rather bad situation and she's given 
him a new home full of love and security. 
He's a spoiled one- but cute, and hard not to love!  

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  1. Crystals indeed, and plenty of them. I think the photos you took from a moving car turned out beautifully; you can feel the chill in the air with all the white and blue.

    I wouldn't mind a serving of the jambalaya to warm me up today! It looks like you had a lovely time with your family.

    I'm always pleased to see you at "Sunlit Sunday", Liz.


  2. I really enjoyed the shots of the beautiful scenery. You did a great job through the car windows. Loved the first shot of the sun just rising. Looks like you had a lovely time with your family. Happy Birthday to your daughter and hubby! Happy Sunlit Sunday!

  3. Hello, Greetings from Ireland.

    I'm popping over to visit after linking with Karen's Sunlit Sunday.

    Great photos of beautiful snow
    the lunch looks great
    and happy birthday to your daughter and her Dad.

    Have a good week


  4. Beautiful crystalline pictures. The ones from the car turned out wonderful. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  5. Your photos are fantastic, Liz. I always wanted a lop eared rabbit! Your daughter's looks so adorable. Glad you enjoyed a beautiful day to celebrate two birthdays with lots of sunshine. xo

  6. Grand photos. I especially like the last one.

  7. I was on the move around the state Saturday morning too Liz and the sights were just spectacular. I've tried to capture the trees in photos too Liz and its very difficult. Thanks for sharing.

  8. The pictures of the snow are mesmerizing!

  9. Happy Birthday to them both! You sure got some fabulous photos from the car! WOW! It sure looks different than my view outside!

  10. How beautiful is sunlight on fresh snow. Gorgeous blues and whites in your photos. Glad you had a fun road trip.

  11. Amazing scene there Liz! I love the look of fresh snow on a sunny bright day. Then it can melt quickly.

  12. Beautiful scenery with your trees, I can feel the crystalline air. Thank you for stopping by pret-a-vivre.com

  13. Those snow/sky shots are absolutely gorgeous. I would like to see such a blue sky at this time of year!

  14. You did well getting the photos of the icy trees from a moving car and they are glistening in the sun!

  15. Looks like a great outing! The views are quite lovely. Icy trees are so beautiful to see.
    I hope they both had a wonderful birthday. The lunch looks so yummy.

  16. Beautiful pictures! We are knee deep in snow here too. I wish our sky was that blue. More like gray here. Happy Birthday to them both! The rabbit is cute:)

  17. You took these with your phone...and at 70mph??!?!?!! They turned out really good! I love the way trees look all covered in icy crystals! Your daughter really loves her animals, doesn't she?!! That rabbit is cute! I see Dan got a jump on Fat Tuesday with that jambalaya!!!!!! :-)

  18. I have never seen such beautiful snow landscapes firsthand. My favorite is the fourth one. Thank you for sharing.


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