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May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day and a Thank-you!

Happy Mother's Day Mom 


to all my friends in blogland! 

 (My Mom from last year-  She will be 90 this August)

Special Thanks once again to
Debbie @ Debbiedoos blog 
and FTD/Better Homes and Gardens for
the Mother's Day bouquet that I won.
I've had it sent directly to my Mom 
since I'm not going to be there
with her this year.

This is the one I selected- It's called the 
Fabled Beauty Bouquet.  
I knew the beautiful pink roses were something she'd love and the white calla lilies are stunning.  It comes with the vase and will be delivered directly to her from FTD today!

 Happy Mother's Day


  1. I'm so glad you won the FTD giveaway. Your mom is going to love the beautiful arrangement you picked for her. Happy Mothers Day Liz!

  2. God bless your lovely mother, have a wonderful MOTHER'S DAY darlings.

  3. Hi Liz, What a beautiful bouquet. My mom liked calla lilies, too. Blessings to you and your Mom, have a wonderful Mother's Day. ((hugs)) xo

  4. That is so sweet!!!!!!!!! Aaawwwww....really, really sweet, Liz! I know your Mom will really enjoy those! I hope she has a wonderful Mother's Day, and to YOU, dear, sweet one, I wish every happiness a Mother can feel!

  5. Oh, I so hope that your beautiful mom has a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  6. Hi Liz,
    Happy Saturday! Wishing you and your sweet Mother a very Happy Mother's Day! I love the flowers you picked out, very pretty! xoxo ~Liz

  7. Congratulation on your fabulous win. You picked a beautiful arrangement. Hope your mom loves it!
    New follower,

  8. Liz, I hope you and your beautiful mom had a lovely Mother's Day. How exciting that she'll be 90 this year. Congratulations on winning the beautiful bouquet.

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    1st congratulation on your win on the Beautiful flowers and being so sweet sending them to your Beautiful Mom. I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day with your family this past Sunday. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Nautical Tablescape.
    XXOO Diane

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