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November 28, 2011

Losing things!

Early last week I discovered my battery charger 
seems to be lost.  
After many attempts to find it I ended up ordering a
"used one" on the internet (saved about half).  
Lucky me my husband is an electronic
guru and he rigged up a charging device
to get my battery back in action until
my new/used charger comes!

 See the battery in there with the red thingy's
attached.... well they were all being metered-
 by these fancy do-dads to know when he reached
the voltage limit
It's all a big mystery to me, but I am grateful
he knows how to do such things!
Now- I did say losing "things"!  I've also lost 
the left shoe of my Easy Spirit Clogs that
looks like this!  Just in case you see a
blue shoe like this all by it's lonesome
you will know it belongs to me!
Call 1-800-Shoe-Liz
Seriously how do you lose a shoe
and a battery charger in
a week!
I know in my heart they will 
show up and I will laugh about it, 
but for now I'm just dumbfounded!!


  1. LOL! I'm always losing things, now with my grangirls here I lose everything! Hope you find your clog, they look so confi, I wear crocs at home, sooo delish too! Have a very "lucid" week...hehehe!

  2. Liz, I am always 'losing' or 'misplacing' things! I am missing a shoe at the moment too! I am looking forward to your Christmas decorations! xo

  3. Oh Liz, you sound like me these days. I don't think I ever lost a shoe though LOL! Too much on our brains, we need to slow down.

  4. I've been losing more things lately, too. I spent all evening last night trying to find a box that ended up being right in front of my face!!! Now I'm missing a huge Christmas ornament that I KNOW is around here, but just won't show itself. Sigh! :-( I agree with Debbie...too much on our minds these days!


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