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May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend- Planting so I can Relax!

Today, May 27th I planted my window boxes.
 I've been itching to plant my flowers but we keep
getting frost warnings.  Last night it dipped to 36
but I had covered everything up just in case. Today
it warmed up beautifully and the forecast looks
fine for the future.
Lobelia, Impatiens, Vinca Vine and Begonias
in the window box at my kitchen window.
These two are on the side of the garage. This picture 
got a little burned out from the bright sun, but
there is salvia lined up in the back, vinca vine 
and a plant called diamond frost that spreads out.
One of the tulips that are blooming.
Last year I played around with some perennials
and added some coral bells and more hostas.
On the right side is my Jack Frost, Brunnera
that has been blooming for 3 weeks...the purple
leaved coral bells are about to bloom.
Today was also about getting these impatiens
planted around the fountain area. 
144 plants to be exact...here I am staging
About 2 hours later I had them all planted. This
picture isn't very flattering but soon the flowers
will fill in and make a good showing.
A quick shot of the backyard...we've come 
a long way since that last snow storm
in April!  Thank goodness!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend 
and a great
Memorial Day.

1 comment:

  1. How sweet your first tulip is..very lovely Liz
    Hope you would like to visit my PINKIES





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