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September 28, 2022

My Barrage of Photos of This Summer


Spring started off well this year.  Here are some of my tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.

I do love pink!

I love red too but decided to stick with pink in the back here so I gave away the reds.
Some of my pink garden.  

My color theme this year was pink and yellow.  These dahlias were gorgeous all season.

Out front when the peonies were blooming.  There's also a yellow one way down towards the corner.

More pink and yellow!  I found it to be a very pleasing combination.  Aristo, Strawberry Cream Geranium and Supercal Premium French Vanilla Petunia

My Sarah Bernhardt peony.  I supported it this year with a cage but it still got floppy after a rain so I captured a few clinging on to the deck railing.

There is something about the delicacy of this flower that really melts me.

The clay pot with painted design is new.  I picked it up while we visited Pennsylvania around Easter.  I went with a deep pink in that pot.

One of my grandiflora roses early on before some bugs got to it! 

The fairy houses sit on this slope and are surrounded by Sedum and Primrose.

This was my contribution to red, white and blue!

My favorite planter.   No yellow but it just kept getting prettier and prettier as the summer went along.

Peeking through.  This was another favorite in the blue pot.  The combo of these Tango Pink Ice geraniums and  lobelia was perfect!

The hosta hill, they were still growing at this point.  I used pink begonias this year to surround them.   We had a weird summer and they didn't get as large as they should have.

 Found out the flower pots fit in this metal bike planter and I put in a double begonia along with Supertunia Snowdrift.  It got much larger as time went on.

Lots of things in bloom.

I absolutely adored these non-stop yellow begonias.  They just look beautiful all of the time.

I sprained my knee and developed a Baker's cyst behind it so I was laid up for a few weeks.  My dear sweet hubby volunteered to plant some things for me.

Boy this was lovely, lots of color and texture.  Younique White Astilbe and Visions in Red Astilbe, Peach Flambe Coral Bells, Rapido Blue Campanula

I like whimsy so I have to plant this watering can each year. I kept all the tags so I can go back and get some of these again.  These really performed well.  These are called American Pink.

I loved how the Glacier Blue Snowstorm Bacopa mixed in with these yellow yellow chiffon superbells.  The tall yellow marguerite daisies were a nice backdrop.

I loaded up this planter with supertunias and lantana along with the pink Black-eyed Susan vine.

Some hot pink lilies.

This rabbit planter was picked up last march for  my Birthday.  I filled it with Intensia blueberry.

Third year was the charm!  These Tiny Tuff Stuff hydrangeas bloomed like crazy this year!

The bees loved them too!

I tried something neww, Angel Wing Begonias.  They did well here so I think I'll stick with them in the future!

Daylilies were great this summer.  Those on is called Baja and it performs for a long time with bright red flowers.

These campanula performed for a long time too. 

These are Tuscan Sun Heliopsis, I love them!

These are another type of delphinium called Grandiflorum, Diamonds Blue.  They are kind of weak stemmed and require a little help but their blue color is wonderful!

I was so surprised and delighted to see this Penstemon come back.  They continued to get larger and flower for a while, and a 2nd bloom started here in September!

These were a surprise performer.  It's a snapdragon that stayed relatively short.

When hubby posed for this pic we thought the elephant ear was big boy it got much larger and has 5 leaves now.  I hate to let them go each year but it's so massive I don't know where I'd keep it indoors.

This planter didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped but the Purple Fountain Grass flourished! 

I've planted them with pink mums and kale to end the season with.

Mid summer the white flowers were showing off!

White campanula

These lilies come back each year and keep getting better.  

My limelight hydrangea which I've been trimming on and now it looks like a topiary!

End of August

The fountain looks wonderful surrounded with a pair of Mistral Begonias that really did well back there.

My hostas were in full bloom and the hummimgbirds loved it!

This hanging basket duo are hanging on a shepards hook which is mounted in a big and tall flower pot.  Then I planted the green coleous in the top.  Turned out pretty nice with the hydrangeas in front of it.

I'll leave you with this angel.  
Let's all say a prayer for Florida as Ian crosses over.


  1. Oh Liz! What a treat on this cold, gloomy, dampish day to open the reading list and see this gloriously colorful post! We're up north so you know what it's like. I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing our solar lights again tonight either!

    Your garden is just fabulous and it looks like a great year. When you told me you'd spent much of your summer working on your garden, I can see exactly why -- and it all turned out so beautifully, too! You really have such a gift!

  2. Liz, you certainly deserve the blue ribbon for all of your beauty in your garden! I love it all. From the lovely flowers to the lovely statuary. I love your pink theme with yellow-so pretty! I hope you are feeling better by now. Thank goodness Dan came to the rescue to keep things beautiful. Happy Autumn days ahead.

  3. You gardens are absolutely beautiful Liz . You and your husband certainly have green thumbs. Enjoyed seeing everything. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

  4. Glorious color Liz. You have so many beautiful plants that flower. The pink is lovely. That elephant ear is so huge. Dan was so gracious to help out in the garden. Your gardens look so pretty. Happy autumn to you and Dan/

  5. You are the most amazing gardener!!! I don't know how on earth you do it! That is WAY more work than I could ever handle, and the bugs and dirt alone are enough to make me think twice! You have no fear, and it shows. Just beautiful!!!!!!!

  6. Liz, I am in total awe at the glory of your garden! Wow, and to have had a bum knee (hope no residuals). You do so much work to create your containers! They are so beautiful. My favorites throughout are the tango pink geranium with lobelia, the pink black-eyed Susan with lantana and supertunias, your limelight pruning (perfection!), and that Tiny Tuff Stuff hydrangea (duly noted, love it!). Your white mid-summer garden plot is a showstopper too. All of it, really. Just fabulous!


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