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September 22, 2022

Happy Fall! 2022


Well Welcome Fall!  
Sorry about the long hiatus of posting.  I decided to drown myself in my gardens and just enjoy each moment!  We've also had a several things done around the house which includes new steps to the deck, painting our storage barn, painting the house a whole new color and adding stonework around the foundation.  So mentally I've been busy!  I'll follow up with a barrage of images from the summer.

In the meantime I've pulled out some of my fall deco and added it to my credenza

I laced in some berries with a twig for the owl to perch on.  I tucked in a branch with leaves and a small pumpkin to create a nice vignette.

On the right size I anchored a pumpkin against these MacKenzie Childs black and white pumpkins along with another branch of leaves, etc.

I picked up these candle holders last year and they are great for filling in the gaps!

The pumpkin on the left shows the candle ring that I used on both corners to support and elevate the pumpkins with.  The runner I picked up at Home Goods a few years back.

So for Halloween which I'll do the closer we get I'm adding these to MacKenzie Childs statues.

So there you have it my fall and Halloween Deco!

Happy Fall!


  1. It's so nice to see you posting again, Liz. I missed your posts this summer but I'm glad you were thoroughly enjoying the time! It was an odd summer. I don't know that I feel like I really HAD a summer. I'd hoped to get over to TC but like so many things, it didn't happen. Our cottage time will soon be coming to a close. I'm not ready for fall.

  2. PS -- What I FORGOT to say before I hit publish was how much I love your beautiful sideboard display. It's fun and very festive!

  3. I understand it when the mind is elsewhere, Liz. Been the same for me! Love your style as always. Your credenza looks so pretty. I love that OWL!

  4. Love your fall and Halloween decor, Liz..very tastefully done without being overdone!

  5. Hi Liz, great to see a post from you. I understand stepping back and concentrating on your home. Paul and I are doing that right now. Your fall decor is lovely. Love the MKC pumpkins and those cute figures.The is darling. I keep resist buying it. Can't wait to see your projects. Happy Autumn.

  6. darling decor...yes there are seasons of our lives as well of the weather! Nice to read, and nice to have you back! Blessings for a beautiful fall in your neck of the woods!

  7. Liz, I love the Fall/Halloween statement that McK-Childs makes in decorating. I had no idea they created such cute Halloween statues. It really makes a stunning Fall decor. I am so glad you enjoyed the summer. Sure sounds like you were very busy!!! Welcome back to posting. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  8. Liz, I have long admired your MC pumpkins and other decor items. But that owl is just spectacular! Love how you styled them for fall.

  9. Oh, how pretty! I love the berries! I'm visiting from Linda's link-up. Thank you for the inspiration!

  10. Sometimes you just have to step away and prioritize other activities. It's cool...so long as you come back!😉

    That's great that you've already thought ahead to Halloween and how to update your vignette! I'm always so last minute these days.🤦🏽‍♀️ I love the color of that hops candle ring! I've not seen that color here. I have green and a kind of deep orange/umber color, but not this pretty wheat color!!!!!!!!


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