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December 16, 2020

2nd Christmas Tree and Entryway


Greetings!  My 2nd tree isn't much different than last years.  I enjoy it near the kitchen and have a few personsal ornaments tucked in! 

I picked up this tree topper last year at Home Goods.  I put some floral fluff around it.

My Grandson helped his mom make this last year, precious!

My elf makes a reappearance.  I think they are fun but not everyone likes them!

Our daughter who lives in California went to Disneyland just before it was shut down due to Covid and purchased this ornament for us.

 My tartan santa from Pier 1 several years back.  The tree basket was also from Pier 1.  It came with a red ribbon but I change it out to go with whatever my theme is.
The entryway chest is decked out with various neutral colored items that I've collected through the years.

I got the two trees this year at a favorite place up in Petoskey.

The ornament ball came from Home Goods.  I grabbed it up with no real plan but I'm glad I did.
It lights up!

I picked up the deer last year on clearance in Petoskey also but at a different store.

The Santa is a Bethany Lowe I picked up in Rochester, my home town, several years back.  I felt so lucky to find it.  I was just amazed over how all these pieces fit together so nicely!

The red runner is part a set I bought in Frankenmuth.  I really wanted to get back there this year but with Covid we decided to stay home. 

Tis' the season!


  1. Liz, I like the tree with it's black and white checked accents. The vignette near by is beautiful. Your home is truly ready for Christmas. I love the ornament with your grandson photo. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. The tree is gorgeous and the dresser top vignette is stunning.

  3. Oh Liz, how absolutely gorgeous! You really are gifted

    Merry Christmas🎄

  4. Love the tree, Liz. The checked star on top really caught my eye. It's fun to see the special ornaments you have tucked in here and there, Everything looks beautiful- xo Diana

  5. Beautiful tree Liz. How special for your grandson to help make ornaments. Love the checked star. Loving the vignette on your credenza. A lovely home that shines with Christmas magic.

  6. Love your pretty tree Liz. You have some pretty ornaments with lots of meaning. Your house looks so cozy and pretty for Christmas. xoxo Kris

  7. Liz, it's all so festive and beautiful. I especially love the personal ornaments -- those are the ones that make a tree "yours," not just a lovely tree that could be in anyone's space (with a good talent for design!). All your vignettes are lovely, too. Your home is so ready for Chrsitmas!

  8. Liz, your second tree is charming! I like all the ornaments. Your grandson is really growing up! You have beautiful pieces and know just how to place them about your home.

  9. I have GOT to find a decent tree basket! By the time I got hip to them, they were all picked over. I'm going to make a trip to Nell Hill's to rummage through their Christmas clearance. Maybe they'll have something. I just "suit up" and go these days. I have on the mask with filter, the face shield, and I wear a pair of glasses to protect my eyes even though I don't need them to see. I wash my hands every opportunity and carry a purse size bottle of sanitizer. So far, so good! As we get closer to Christmas, though, I'll be staying in more, and AFTER Christmas...I'm staying put right here!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know you are so very talented! This tree is a little wonderland. You did a GREAT job with the ribbon! How fun to now be the proud owner of a 2020 Christmas ornament! You guys can look back and reminisce for better or for worse in the coming years. I'm hoping we will be in the mood to laugh a little of this off over time.

    Your accessories all work together like magic!!!!!!! Perfect grouping! Sometimes the things we have no plans for - like your oversized ornament - turn out to be the impetus of something unexpectedly great!


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