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February 17, 2019

Watching and Waiting For A Delivery

Late last September Dan and I ventured down to North Carolina to check out the furniture factory outlet stores. 

 We had visited our son and family in Pennsylvania for a few days and then we took off Monday morning and headed to North Carolina. We enjoyed a long scenic ride and arrived in the evening.  We rested up and then headed to some outlet stores but our primary goal was to go to Furnitureland South.

 We arrived at Furnitureland South- which by the way is over 1.3 million sq. ft. of shopping! 

 I had seen a picture of this entryway chest of drawers on line but seeing it in person was quite different!  Good thing I already had an idea of what I was there to look for because it's a bit overwhelming!

 That's Dan down there by the leg of the chest!  At this point I am completely over the top excited and can't wait to get inside!

I only took a few interior pictures and this is small just a fraction of the interior.  We met up with Costanza our sales and design consultant that I had been conversing with prior to our coming.  She was so attentive and I appreciated her patience! 

  I started out looking for a display cabinet (I must have seen at least 20 different ones) and this is the one I chose.  The manufacturer refers to the design style as "Classic Modern" which suited my ideas perfectly (but I didn't go with this color).  I've been slowly working towards an updated look yet I still want to remain traditional.  The two wood end tables we ordered come from a manufacturer in Virginia and boy do they take a long time to deliver!  
I had chosen the Tuscan style in 2006 and this was the room in 2013.

 After the holidays I put the room together and kept it pretty bare in anticipation of the furniture coming.  Furnitureland South insists on doing their own deliveries so all the pieces had to be in at their warehouse before they'd scheduled my delivery.

I'm selling the two end tables and coffee table.  I plan to take them to a consignment shop as soon as my furniture arrives.  The new display cabinet will go where the green striped chest of drawers and the big picture are.  Those pieces as well as two of the lamps are also for sale!  I've removed the wood game table and two chairs to free up the room.  Eventually new curtains.

I am anxiously awaiting the furniture arrival.  We were given a broad delivery date between Feb. 11 and Feb. 27.  Lets pray we won't be having a snowstorm the day they arrive!  I never imagined when I ordered all this back then that I'd be waiting until late February to see it!
The savings were incredible and that was the driving force for us.

I think I may shed some tears of joy when I finally see the truck arrive!



  1. Now THAT's an entrance!

    And wow -- do you ever have something fun to anticipate. I think we need anticipation on cold winter days and this is just the ticket. How fun to go and pick it all out!

  2. Wow what a great entrance. How fun is that place. I know it is hard to wait on your purchase. I have been there waiting on my new sectional. It arrived yesterday and I love it. I know when your beautiful pieces arrive you will be doing the happy dance. Glad our snow fall today held off yesterday for my delivery.
    Hugs and Happy Sunday.

  3. That store is amazing and that giant chesty of drawers, What a statement. How exciting Liz. I am happy for you. Counting the days with big anticipation. I could get lost in that store.

  4. Furnitureland South is on my bucket list to visit. I am seriously jealous of that cabinet you picked. It is just stunning, I love the color and the modern look of a timeless piece.

  5. Oh I loved this post and can almost feel your excitement! I would be so overwhelmed with so much to see. I do love, love, love the piece you selected. It is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the room finished.
    Great post!!! Fingers crossed for an easy furniture delivery........

  6. Liz, how exciting that you will have a delivery truck in the next week or so. I can’t wait to see your room with the new pieces. Sometimes even a small refresh feels good, but you have a major refresh!

  7. Love the entrance to the store!! I sure hope that your furniture is worth such a long wait!! can't wait for you to share it with us when it finally arrives...
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  8. This is the hard part...waiting in anticipation of being able to transform your room!...Just got my delivery a couple of weeks ago...Hope all goes well and there is no snow! Isn't that giant Highboy amazing...I am fortunate to live less than an hour away from them!...have a great day Liz!


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