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February 20, 2019

Sunshine and Roses on a Winter's Day! (T)

 I was so tickled that the sun was out so I put myself into overdrive and created this tablescape as fast as I could!

 I chose colors for the dishes based on the flowers for my tablescape.  I brought out my fleur de-lis tablecloth which inspired the idea to choose the black and white checked napkins.

 I cut down the long stemmed roses from Valentine's Day and used a block of florist foam to rearrange them.  The white ones are pretty much done and look like antique roses now!

 There were fern branches in the original arrangement which I tucked around inside the bowl to hide the foam for the flowers.

 I was quite pleased that the sun was still shining in my kitchen by the time I got this ready to take pictures.  I used one of my Pier 1 chargers for the centerpiece along with a metal trivet that I centered on it for the floral arrangement to rest on.

 The roses have been so beautiful and though they are just about done I still find them to be lovely.  I peeled off some of the outer layer petals so they'd look a little fresher.

 It's still very much winter here so creating inviting tablescapes rates high on my list of things to do!

 The antiqued pewter napkin rings pick up on the flatware handles nicely.
The red dishes are by 222 Fifth called Home Cupboard -Red which is a discontined pattern

 The dinner plates have a rooster design. I purchased them from One King's Lane at least 5 years ago and they were described as Embossed Rooster by Sweet Olive Designs.

 The florist forgot that little package of floral preserve for the flowers but I remembered my mother saying that you can use aspirin for that.  I looked it up on the internet and sure enough I found articles that say it works.  I put three regular aspirin in the water last week when I got the roses and then again when I freshened these up today (These are 7 days old at this point).

 Isn't that the prettiest!

 Dan gifted me with the Waterford bowl at Christmas so I decided to make it into a rose bowl today!  The stemware is called "Trellis" and is made by Fitz and Floyd.

 There you have it "Sunshine and Roses" on a Winter's Day!


  1. Oh Liz so much to see and envy in your post. First, where did you get that fabulous tablecloth?! Fleur-de-lis is supposedly a French symbol of the bee ---so if you ever decide to part with it, remember me LOL! I also couldn't help but notice the rooster plates we both have --- as well as the trio of plates hanging on the wall. That's when my eye spied your lovely drapes too. Lovely table and setting.

  2. Oh my, how gorgeous and inviting! Doesn’t the sun really spur up life in us?? Your roses are gorgeous!! Yellow is always my favorite!!


  3. It may be winter but it looks divinely cozy to me today!

  4. Great job putting this together. It all fits very well and those are not easy colors to succeed with. Especially that tablecloth--it's a great mood setter but most of us wouldn't think to choose these colors and patterns. They are terrific! Great ideas! J

  5. Such a cheerful table! Great color scheme and the roses are still so pretty!

  6. Your rose bowl is so lovely with the roses you have arranged so beautifully, Liz. I do like that you are extending the life of those beauties. I adore the tablecloth and the settings. ♥

  7. Oh Liz it is so fabulous when we see the sun!!! I cannot wait for this winter to be over. You never disappoint with your table scapes. This one is fabulous. Love the color combination. Those yellow rooster plates are too cute. Happy Wednesday.

  8. Liz,
    Gorgeous tablescape!
    Love all the sun shining through your window!
    The stemware is some of the loveliest I've seen!
    Nothing like Timeless Classic black & white,
    and yours is done so nicely!

  9. Liz, the sun shining in is a breath of happy this morning. I can’t remember the last time we saw the sun! Your tablescape is so cheerful and colorful. I love the embossed rooster plates paired with the pretty red ones. Your roses make a beautiful statement as your centerpiece in your Waterford bowl. The setting draws me in and I would love to have a seat in this most cozy room!

  10. So happy the sun was shining. I know you had more than your share of snow. The black and white tablecloth is lovely. Wonderful how you picked up the colors in the roses. Happy to see your roses are really enjoyed in more ways than one. Waterford is so classic and beautiful. The stemware is gorgeous. A beautiful table to enjoy on a sunny day.

  11. Lovely Liz, 2 of my very favorites, roses and black and white!


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