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August 13, 2018

Oops I did it again!

I said in a recent post I was done with projects and it was time to kick back and relax but I found yet another project to do!
Out back is a large clump maple tree.  It has a fast sloping side down to a flat area that we travel through frequently.  We've kept it covered with mulch for years and i recently decided to add hostas to it.

I added more hostas and then even more!

My design idea is that the smaller ones below will create a ribbon like border below the larger hostas above.  In time this will be quite full and the hostas will be large enough to all touch each other.

Centered is an Autumn Frost hosta (white edged) framed with two Stained Glass Hostas (bright lime green) and just above them are some real tall ones called Angels that have a green edge and white center.  The bottom row are called Bedazzled.  I found them in little pots for around $5 at a garden center.  I'm tempted to go lower with more but I should be patient and see how this looks next year!

The big cement leaf (up on the right) was a gift from Dan's sister.  She molded a leaf in sand with cement and made them.  I usually have some water sitting in it and it gets emptied frequently.  There is a hemlock to the far right that will be moved this fall.  It started all by itself (likely from a pine cone in our mulch) and Dan insisted on keeping it not knowing what it was.  It will become way too large to stay there so it has to get transplanted.

I brought in a long hose that sprinkles the area.  It's not working out all that well but it helps.  This is an evening shot when a the sun hits it for a little while.
So Ooops I did it again!  


  1. You are my kind of gardener! #neverstop

  2. I think as we love our flowers and gardens the stuff just never stops. Looks great. I love the leaf covered with sand and cement from your SIL. That is so cool.
    Happy Monday. Have a great new week.

  3. White trimmed Hostas are a favorite of mine. The leaves add so much beauty.

    As they fill in and grow it will be prettier and prettier

    Enjoy the rest of your week


  4. Liz, This looks good now, so I know it will be beautiful once the hostas grow larger. You did very well. Blessings, xoxo Susie

  5. You are such a great gardener, Liz. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to! Hostas are such wonderful shade friends. I love how they give a coolness to the garden on a hot day. I was outside in the garden today only to find more vole damage on some of our hostas! Grrr! They never give up. I think we need to declare war! ♥

  6. I love it! But, please no more inspiration from you, I'm pooped! Haha! Have fun, but don't overdo it.

  7. I am always envious of your garden, Liz. It’s so beautiful!....Christine

  8. That’s the mark of a true gardener....always improving. If it looks great now...I can only imagine after a few years! ;)

  9. It’s going to be so gorgeous. I am so envious of your host as. Projects keep us young. Love the outcome.

  10. You just can’t sit still for a minute, can ya?!! You get more projects going than I could ever even BEGIN to imagine!!! But I live it because there’s always something good afoot. That is gonna look so cool when it’s all grown out!!! My question: how do you plant the hostas among all those tree roots? I have a hard time finding space enough between the tree roots to even plant impatiens in the Spring!!!!

  11. Oh those hostas are wonderful and I can just imagine how they will look once they have grown and taken over the base of the maple tree....

  12. Liz, this will be lush and full in no time. It will help retain the soil and mulch on that slope too. Great idea!

  13. What a wonderful addition to the base of your maple tree! I love all the hostas in your garden!

  14. I agree, just when you think you are done for a while, you decide to make a change or another project. That same thing is going on at our house.

  15. Liz, you make me laugh! It seems that the projects never end here either. :) I love hostas and it will be a beautiful area! I have hostas in a couple spots in my garden. A few years ago I bought one called June for myself and all of my sisters. It was our sweet mothers name. I have loved hosting the Garden Party with you!

  16. That will make a nice ground cover when it takes hold and spreads. Another project is always on the horizon. - Margy


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