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August 19, 2018

Blooming' Away!

My plants are all still producing plenty of flowers.
I really love this pretty red dahlia.  It's a nice strong color that worked well with the superbena.

These Royal Chambray Superbena are the best!  They even last a long time in a cut flower arrangement.

Cotton Candy phlox.  Incredibly pretty smell- best of all I have come across.

I look forward to seeing this one each year!

The sun was shining on this geranium just right so I snapped a shot.  It ended up looking almost animated.  This is such a pretty color and of course I loved the name "Flamingo Rose"

This  planter has been unnoticed but blooming away all summer with the same impatiens that are along the border of the garden near the fountain.

I always let my hostas bloom so the hummingbird and bees can feed from them.  I have a few stems to trim that just finished flowering.  I just nip them off down low.

The plain darker green hostas are called Fujibotan and have a heavy duty flower stalk.  They'd make a great border for a sidewalk. The plant is tall and fills out with a good width but they stay contained almost like a shrub.

I'm so tickled with the wagon and how the plants grew this year.  You never know when you put them together just how it will go.  It gets a very late dose of sun and seems to like it.

Back in June when I planted it.
Love these lilies.  They have huge flowers clustered on a single stem.
 Oriental lily, Sunny Azores

Very fragrant- found them at Lowe's a few years ago and I'm pretty sure they get them every year.

Wonderful scented cone flower called Secret Affair

The Black Eyed Susan's have been blooming for a couple of weeks.  

Cone flowers mixed with the Black Eyed Susan's make a nice colorful bouquet!

This is the 2nd year in the ground here for these knockout roses.  Some rose chafers chewed on the leaves a bit but otherwise they are doing great!

This is a cone flower "Cheyenne Spirit" They are described as- A bright mix of cream, yellow, gold, orange, scarlet, orange, red, and purple!  So far mine are mostly yellow heading towards orange.  It will be interesting to watch them evolve.

Recently our son, daughter in-law and grandson were visiting for a week.  It was a joy to see him checking things out!  I was always busy doing something and barely remembered to take pictures!



  1. Darling photo of your grandson getting ready to explore your lovely garden. Your flowers are so pretty. I cut back my hosta blooms two weeks ago after the flowers were waning. Our hostas are showing signs of heat exhaustion as well as me. I love summer, but the heat has worn on for me this year. Your garden still looks refreshing and beautiful. Love the wagon! ♥

  2. Your flowers are pretty. You are great in the garden. It must have been a joy to have your family visit especially that cutie

    Happy Monday


  3. Your grandson is a cutie pie. I cannot believe how luscious your gardens are. Always producing beautiful blooms. Lots of different varieties to enjoy. A joy to take a stroll thru the gardens. Have a lovely week ahead.

  4. Hi Liz - you still have so many beautiful blooms in your gardens and I really enjoyed seeing them all, the wagon and the grandbaby are my favorites! Happy gardening

  5. Oh Liz, I am so impressed. It's just fabulous!

  6. Your flowers are so beautiful Liz...and don't worry about the camera..enjoy the moment of making memories!


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