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February 25, 2018

Rug Crazy

Dan and I wanted to change out the rug we had here which began a extensive process of searching.  
I became rug crazy and searched local stores and a lot on the internet.  I really struggled with this because I knew that the last time we bought a rug I never was completely satisfied with my choice.

This is the previous rug was a very light colored rug and it had fringe which I learned to dislike.  Our daughter will get this so it will continue on being used.  

Doing my research I learned more about rugs which can be interesting.  Hand tufted rugs like mine are made by using a hand held machine that punches the yarn in place on a stretched canvas.  A hand tied rug is just that- each yarn is placed and tied.  They shear the yarn afterward for an even finish.  The amount of yarn and denseness affect the cost.  I had to stay within a certain price point so I chose the hand tufted type.  The most reasonably priced rugs are machine made entirely hence a lot less labor.

This area used to be our main living room (for those who are newer to my blog).  We remodeled our home in 1996 and the large living room that is off to the right was added on.   There used to be a front door and a picture window along the right side.

 I decided to go for something that would be warmer and compliment the wood tone of the furniture, plus it had to be an agreeable pattern with the fabric on the chairs and style of the furniture.  It doesn't show much but there is some olive green in there along with a light taupe/tan and a rusty/red. 

I liked the idea of a centered medallion so it would show nicely between the double pedestals of the table.  I also liked that it didn't have a wide border around the edges like my other one did.  Our space is limited for the table and I think it looks more relaxed now.

This picture which is so hard to capture because of glare has a darker rust tone in the planter.  The dark terracotta color was helpful in my thought process.

I put together an impromptu vignette on the table reflecting the olive and rust tones.  

We are pleased with it and it didn't break the bank.  I ended up ordering it through Bed Bath & Beyond (after looking at many web sites and they were all pretty much priced the same) but I was also able to get another 20% off with the free shipping so it was a win win for me.  I also could return it for free which is a big deal since it weighs about 70 lbs.  As you can see Carmen and Teddy approve too!

So now I'm done being rug crazy!



  1. Great choice. The new rug looks fabulous under your table. Love the medallion. Finding the right rug takes time, I am wanting a new rug for our family room. I have looked off and on. Thanks for sharing about your rug search.

  2. Your new rug is beautiful. I love the pattern and the colors. And your table looks lovely on top of it.

  3. Oh Liz, it's a beautiful choice. Just the style I love! The colors are rich and go so well with your furniture. Rugs can be quite an investment, so I'm happy you found one that pleases you and you got a great price to boot! I wasn't aware you had added that addition to your home. I know you are happy about that as it is lovely! ♥

  4. Hi Liz,
    Isn't it crazy how hard it is to find just the right rug. Thanks for all the info. The one you found is very pretty. Love it. Hugs and Happy Sunday.

  5. Liz, your choice is fabulous! The traditional style and colors are complemented perfectly by the modern treatment of the border. I've always liked medallions in rugs and like the way the table legs frame it.
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  6. The new rug is beautiful. The room looks lovely with the pretty floral painting in the frame. The pose of the cat is so cute. Sujatha:)

  7. Your new rug is lovely and gives your dining area a warm, intimate feel. About being done with the ‘rug crazy’ part, coming from my own experience, I doubt you’ll ever get over that! ;)

  8. Love your new rug, that color is so hot right now with rugs in any room with any style. The red color just makes the room. Love your choice.

  9. Liz, I love your new rug. So pretty and looks great I the room. I like that you will give the old rug to your daughter, as it will be used and loved, not thrown out. My girls , sisters and I are trading off things every now and then. I like that old saying use it up, wear it out, or re-cycle it. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  10. Looks great! It really brightens up the room!!


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