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November 10, 2017

Cyclamen and Thanksgiving Deco Cont’d!

Earlier last week I noticed this Cyclamen plant was still blooming even after a couple of frosts had occurred.  I hadn't yet emptied the container it was in along with a fern that I planted in the ground.  Someone I know says she waters hers from the bottom and it does well- I'll have to give that a try because I usually overwater these and kill them!

I potted it up in a wide but short clay pot, set it on the table in a pie tin with one of those pie carriers that look like wicker.  I lined the pie tin with foil so there would be no contact between the pot and the actual tin since it's used for food.

This picture is from 2010 when we visited at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.  They had many displays with cyclamen around and I enjoyed seeing them.  I was chatting with one of the attendants about the cyclamen and he said that before the Poinsettia plant became popular for the Christmas holiday the Cyclamen was the plant of choice.  It's a fantastic place to visit- if you ever get a chance go there it's worth it.  They have a giant conservatory and a large outdoor area to walk around so it's a very enjoyable place to see inside and out.  This is a link to our visit in 2012 "here"

The winter storm turned out to be much milder than they warned but still we received about 2" of snow which is a little more than normal for this area so early in November. 

I put a few things out for Thanksgiving around the kitchen area.
I found a pair of Pilgrim turkey salt and pepper shakers I set out on the first shelf and the whimsical turkey tea light holder I got a Pier 1 a couple of years ago.

I replaced my fall dishes with these turkey plates and left the other blue and white ones there along with the pumpkin mugs.  

The ceramic Polish Pottery pumpkin has a carved out face on the other side.  I just turned it around so I could still use it through  Thanksgiving.

I found another turkey in my stash so it went on top of the etagere and I moved the MC pumpkin over there too.  I am going to move the etagere back to the corner it was in before to make things easier for the holidays.  That'll be my little chore for today!  Of course that means vacuuming and mopping and a little chore turns into a big one!

Sorry I haven't visited your blogs much lately.  I have a sciatica issue and sitting for long gets to me so I am encouraged to keep on my feet!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So sorry to hear you have sciatica issues. My husband has that from time to time and it's painful.
    Clyclamen grow by the dozens under trees in Cornwall UK! I was so shocked to see that. I hope you have good luck with yours.
    I turn my ceramic pumpkins around as well! Why not? Stay warm and cozy and feel better, Liz. ♥

    1. That is interesting about the Cyclamen! I know I would love it over there- it’s on my bucket list to go to England!

  2. Your plate rack is so beautiful Liz! It shows off your plates nicely. The snowy scene in your backyard looks so fresh, especially against the blue sky and fluffy clouds.Sorry about your sciatica- hope it gets better soon.

    1. Thank you Pam- the snow is pretty to see- especially the first ones!

  3. The snow looks so pretty all fresh and white. Just so glad I don't live in it anymore.

  4. Liz, I love the turkey plates so, so much! I like them displayed like this. I have never been good with keeping cyclamen alive, either. I will have to try the watering from the bottom trick. I’m guessing that several plants thrive when watered that wat as opposed to overhead. Sorry again about the snow. Geez....winter really is on the horizon whether we like it or not.😒

  5. Hope you are feeling better....love that snowy scene..so beautiful...and I have just purchased my cyclamen for the season...I always buy a couple of them each year during the holiday season...so pretty in white at Christmas....

  6. Your turkey plates are wonderful! I love the new look for the plate shelf. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Awww, feel better soon. I know that can be painful. The turkey plates are so nice. You always manage to re-create new looks. I am sure the new snow is a wonderful sight. I also have some cyclamen, they look so pretty this time of year. Thanks Liz for sharing at DI&DI.

  8. Sciatica is a very painful situation, I've had it twice so far. Adorable turkey plates dear Liz and the cyclamen is my fav plant for indoors, it usually lasts 6 months in my kitchen window sill.
    Please take care and thanks for your sweet and kind comment.

  9. Oh dear, I feel your pain as I have sciatica a LOT:(:( I love the turkey plates!!! Good idea to turn the pumpkins around. I also am going to try (again) with a cyclamen, I always kill them. I'll try watering from the bottom!!!


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