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November 17, 2017

Addicted To Growing Flowers!

I was a little late this year getting some Amaryllis bulbs to plant.  I was inspired when I saw a bulb shown in an email from Terrain and then I found myself searching the internet for it (for less money).
I fell in love with this bright and expressive bulb called Santiago.

These bulbs came in a small burlap bag with green ties so you could offer it as a gift.

I had this potting soil in the garage so I decided to give it a try.  Amaryllis don’t like to be kept too wet so this soil should offer a light and not too compact texture. 

I used this galvanized planter Turing the summer and decided the amaryllis would look good growing in it. 

I put them in the kitchen window and hope they’ll do well. 

I have definitely been thinking about Christmas and chose an angel for the tree topper.  
She came today and is perfect.   I know a lot of bloggers are done with their holiday decorating but i’m Still only dreaming about it.  Have you made any progress yet? 


  1. Gorgeous! I look forward to seeing them in bloom. :-)

  2. I have never tried to grow amaryllis. I’m scared. There’s just so much that seemingly could go wrong for me! They’re so pretty, but I just freak out at the thought! I know yours will flourish. You’ve got the Midas touch!

  3. Boy, that amaryllis is gorgeous. I know it will be lovely for you, Liz!
    I never decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It's our tradition to put up the tree the day after. ♥

  4. Oh Liz...I love your amaryllis. We did one, one year...my handy little green thumbed Tom planted it! Of course it was beautiful! (He was so gifted in so many ways...) Yours should be gorgeous!! Just a couple Christmas decorations up so far. But think my neighbor will help put my tree up this week. (Not the norm for me...but when help knocks on the door..I have to answer...lol)


  5. Hey Liz!
    I just now planted my two amaryllis too! I do remember yours from last year and they were just gorgeous. Guess I am addicted to flowers too!

  6. The Santiago Amaryllis is a good choice Liz, I can imagine how they look in your kitchen windowsill when they are in bloom, just beautiful!
    Love that angle for the Christmas tree, here we start our Christmas decorations only after 5th of December.

  7. What a beautiful Amaryllis!...and that angel..truly divine!!!

  8. Hi Liz, the Amaryllis will be beautiful! I'm sure they will do well in the kitchen window. I've just started decking the halls. Bedroom is finished, but most will wait until after Thanksgiving.

  9. The Amaryllis will be so pretty in the window.
    My father had them in his yard in Calif, planted in regular old dirt.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Linda C in Seattle

  10. Liz, the Amaryllis is beautiful...how pretty your kitchen window will be! I have done a lot of decorating, but still more to do!

  11. Nice job Liz, the Amaryllis is great. As much as I love gardening and growing things, I haven't ever planted an indoor bulb. You are giving me inspiration! Thanks.

  12. Love your flowers. You have a green thumb. You have plenty of patience to plant these bulbs. The reward is definitely paying off. I am almost finished decorating. The main rooms are done. Have fun with it all.


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