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May 9, 2017

Traditional As It Gets Entryway Vignette

I decided a while back that traditional home decorating was what appealed to me the most.  I do like many other decorating styles but I always gravitated towards traditional. 

On one of my visits to Petoskey I stopped in at my favorite place called Monarch Garden and Floral Design.  I fell in love with the little white planter and then started picking out flowers for it.  There is a designer there that I asked to assemble the arrangement for me and he accommodated me on the spot.  I wanted something very summery and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

I love the fleur de-lis design so that was an immediate draw to the pretty little white planter.
This was going to go out on the coffee table but I decided to give it a try here.

 This is how it has looked since last year when I first got the chest.  I used a series of three white candlesticks and a metal planter with a faux green plant.  I do like the look so you never know when and if I'll switch back!
This is the current look.

 This traditional woman's bust was purchased on-line from One King's Lane.  It has a very rough texture and was more intended for the outdoors but It landed in my office and now I've borrowed it for this vignette.

Here are a couple of inks to my office if you'd like to see it "here" and "here".  I converted a small bedroom into a home office.  There has been a few changes after these pictures were taken but essentially it's the same.

I also borrowed the little birds from my office and it pulled this vignette together nicely.

  I haven't been using this candlestick lately and it made me feel guilty because it was a bit pricier than I'm used to paying for decorative items (made by Theodore Alexander).  After the Easter deco was removed I decided to see if I would like it here on the chest.

When I found it on one of our visits to Pennsylvania I was enamored with the hand carved design.  

 I wasn't going to display the little floral planter until summer but I decided to enjoy it sooner than later!  I also had stopped using the big oval wood tray so this gave me another opportunity to bring a deco item back into play!

I hope you like my Traditional As It Gets Entryway Vignette! 


  1. I love your new floral arrangement, Liz. It's so colorful and cheery for your tabletop. Along with your other pieces it looks lovely. Traditional has always been my favorite style as well. It feels like home to me. Have a great afternoon. ♥

  2. Love the entryway! The chest is just gorgeous. The floral arrangement and the tall candlestick are perfect for your redo. With traditional decor one needn't be concerned with following the latest trend(s). I agree with Miss Martha Ellen...feels like home.

  3. Beautiful Liz. Love your new flower vase and the arrangement inside. Very pretty. That candlestick is gorgeous. I too love all the hand carved detail. I can see why you fell in love with it. Your beautiful chest looks so pretty. How fun you will be able to do up different vignettes on it. Happy New Week. Have a fabulous Mom's Day Weekend.

  4. You could not have told me those flowers in your new arrangement are faux!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful selection! Like you, I'm a traditional girl who can appreciate other styles. I just throw in a wild piece to make it interesting!

  5. That is lovely, Liz. Those flowers are perfect in that container and the person that arranged them did a great job. I tend to lean towards traditional myself--although I have veered away from it a few times over the years...but it seems I always come back to it. For one thing, I think it is timeless and classic. I liked the 'before' look, too, but this is really pretty for spring and summer. xo Diana

  6. Hi Liz, your traditional display is beautiful. I love your chest with the gorgeous mirror. The white container is lovely and the flower arrangement is so pretty. The perfect pop of color with all your other pieces. Love the candlestick. Great look for spring and summer. Have a great week. xo


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