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May 3, 2017

Spring Fairy Garden

The faires have come out to start working in the gardens.  The "Tulip Forest" is blooming and now the fairies are checking out what needs to be done.

The bird bath needs a little sprucing up!

Come on through the gate and take a tour!  
We'll sprinkle some fairy dust on you to shrink you to size!

She's always climbing up on things to see what's going on!

Taking a break viewing the scenery! 

This one's wondering how big the iris will get! 
The fence got a new paint job and now it shows up better. 

The gazebo also got a new paint job.  I want lots of colorful things in the fairy garden this year.  A new table and chair set are residing on an upside down clay tray.  I glued them down so the critters won't be messing them up! 

Last year I split up some iris and planted them in the fairy garden area along with tulips.  Now I have to figure out how to make it all work!  The challlenge of it all will be the fun part.  The first dining table set I got for the fairy garden is sitting to the right also needs a paint job too rusted for me!

Some of my tulips by the granite bird bath were eaten below the ground.  I read up on it and it could be chipmunks or voles.  Not happy about it but it's nature and there's just so much I can control! 

I'm just so darn happy it's spring and time to plant flowers and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! 


  1. That is really cute, Liz. I suppose once the iris have bloomed you could cut them off short-they would look spiky and they do stay green. It'll be fun to watch things grow there. Happy Wednesday night to you- xo Diana

  2. I love your fairy garden and the tulips are lovely! Happy gardening!

  3. Your fairies are so sweet, Liz. I wonder if they would come and work in my garden? I understand the issues with tulips. I have one, yes one tulip left as the moles or voles have devoured them all! If I choose to plant more I will plant them in little wire baskets so they can't get to them. Have fun with the fairies. ♥

  4. How precious all the fairies are looking.
    The gazebo with the hanging baskets
    caught my attention it' would be
    where you'll find me.
    You have a special green thumb!
    Happy Spring
    Linda C in Seattle

  5. Beautiful in colors and arrangement
    The gazebo is splendid in the middle of this fairyland
    happy Spring

  6. Darling fairy garden. Your tulips are pretty even if you didn't get all you hoped to. I didn't even try to plant any. We have so many squirrels running around, I thought they would dig the bulbs. I am so thankful for Spring and watching the new growth.

  7. What a fun thing to do in the garden, Liz! It's sort of like tablescaping, only in the garden. Love all the color you've added.

  8. What a charming fairy garden!! I will be waiting a bit before I set up my Fairy Garden containers because our weather for the next 2 weeks will look more like the end of Winter than Spring because of lows predicted in the 30's with a chance of frost!!


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