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September 9, 2016

This and That This Week #9

I hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend.  We took two little day trips and one of them was up to Mackinaw City.  It was so busy there- far more people than normal but that was because the next day was Labor Day and the annual walk across the bridge was taking place.
We stopped by The Depot which is a restaurant located in an old train depot and out front there is a cute display of these bronze children playing with a water pump.

Of course I like seeing the plants that are there too!  

I hope you have a sense of humor.  
We came across this line of seasonings and barbecue sauce (made in Texas) at one of the stores over the weekend.  We selected a couple of items to send to my niece because she's a funny one and loves to cook/bake and figured she'd get a big kick out of it.

The store owner asked if we wanted a special bag for it, so of course I said yes!  Then he pulls out this bag and we about fell over laughing!  I seriously wasn't expecting that!  I've stuffed it with some tissue paper in between the two things we bought and will be sending it out soon.  
Sorry if you are offended in any way but we thought it was pretty funny!

At home I got busy and dug up my day lilies to split up and replant.

I was able to pull the sections apart by hand and then I cut them back and re-planted them.

There are three sections between the small shrubs that I have the same lilies planted in and I also transplanted two hostas in the center one.  

Labor Day morning I put together a cherry pie.  I have a plastic lattice form that I use for the top layer.

It bubbled up quite a bit while baking so it got a little messy but it was delicious just the same!  I put the pie dish on top of a charger for presentation.

Messy but good!

We had an early dinner outside (I didn't do anything fancy with the table- got lazy!).  I made baked beans, a pasta salad with Italian dressing and hot dogs.  

I put together a farmhouse style tablescape later in the week which you can see "here".  

I also made a quick and easy casserole or hamburger pie- whichever you want to call it!  I created a quick post regarding it "here".  My "added" ingredient that I mentioned in my tablescape post is only barbecue sauce but it makes it much tastier!

I'm studying floor samples to change out the carpet in the living room.  10 years ago I went for a very dramatic Tuscan inspired red, olive green and yellow design.  This picture shows how yellow the room was including the walls.  I fixed the wall as seen "here"  color but that yellow carpet has to go!

Well that's all for This and That This Week! 


  1. Oh Shit...I snorted when I laughed too hard over the sack and its contents. The cherry pie looks good and adore the perfect crust.

  2. You sure keep so busy with everything,
    but it all looks so nice and pretty.
    I almost fainted "o shit" when I saw the last photo
    where did the painting with the man and woman
    go???? then I read it was an older photograph.
    Phew, I can breath again.
    I have to go look for a lace pie topper
    my sister would love one. Can I ask where to find one?
    I could alway google it.
    Jeff broke my one and only flower stem on my hosta!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend. and don't move that painting.
    Linda C in Seattle

  3. That store and those spice names are HYSTERICAL! Gotta love someone with a sense of humor like that! I can see you have been busy in the garden, too.

    The last time I was in Mackinac it was so busy you could hardly find a place to park or anything. I like it after 'the season' is over.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

  4. Love those spices!! What a wonderful and relaxing weekend you had. I have a lattice pie crust cutter, too, and use it often. Your outdoor dinner looked delicious. Good to catch up with you, Liz!

  5. That is just too funny. I know they will love your thoughtful gift. Your pie looks beautiful. Time gets away from us sometimes. You have been quite busy. Isn't your grandbaby due soon? I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  6. Liz, the bag does grab your attention! But, the cherry pie really got my attention...it looks amazing and would be great with my cup of coffee! Happy Sunday, Pam @Everyday Living


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