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September 1, 2016

This and That This Week #8

Happy Friday!

It's been a good week.  The weather has been fantastic even with bouts of rain we've had.  My gardens are still full though starting to show signs of waning.

I cut off most of my Annabelle hydrangeas to dry.  They were just at that state where some bits of brown start to appear and have more of a papery look to them.  They've dried a lot more since last weekend when I took this picture and aren't quite as bright green.   They're in the garage right now because of the rain we've been getting.  I'll have to bring them in the house for an arrangement.

We enjoyed dessert after dinner twice over the past weekend.  We both love desserts!
The chocolate cake on the left was as wide as tall so we took part of it home.  The NY style cheesecake and strawberries were delightful!

On Monday I created a post showing my most recent living room furniture shuffle once again and you are welcome to visit it "here"

Tuesday we attended the memorial service for my friend Linda's son.  He had served as a Marine so there was full military honors given.  A 21 gun salute fired off outside of the church and two young Marines saluted, removed the flag draped casket and folded it in the most honorable way I've ever seen.  Taps were played.  It's very formal and emotional to witness.
Linda is doing well but understandably very emotional.

I created another post about decorating our mantel through the 20 years since the living room was added on.  You are welcome to visit that "here"

I added one more blog post about the mantel as seen "here" explaining about why I moved the living room furniture around this time!  Notice something odd on the mantel??

I finally got myself back in the groove and did a tablescape.  I wanted to do something about
Back To School since that's what happens this time of year!  You are welcome to visit that post "here".

I made an apple crisp using a traditional recipe from Betty Crocker.  So tasty!

A trip to T.J. Maxx ended up with this in my basket!  I was going to use it outside but decided I'll find a way to use it indoors instead.  There's a flood of fall forming on the blogs I've been visiting.  I'm still holding out but look forward to the fall season.  It is a beautiful time of year isn't it!


  1. Your hydrangeas are so pretty, Liz. I like to dry ours, but sometimes I wait too late. It's been so dry here, but we are getting rain off and on today--such a welcome sight. We were able to do the edging on our day-lily bed this morning before it started to pour! I'm been looking at my Autumn things and deciding how to decorate in a couple of weeks. I'm getting this post today (Thursday). Have a great weekend, Liz. ♥

  2. You have certainly been busy Liz. Your gardens are still lush and beautiful. We've had a lot of rain but the hight temps has everything here looking dried out. You have me thinking of some things I need to do, maybe pull some things for a few fall vignettes. It's hard to get inspired for fall when it's so hot.
    Have a great Labor Day weekend..........

  3. Fun post. You have had a busy week. The military honors are so moving. In my neck of the woods they have gone to using a trumpet that plays a recorded version of taps when they are not able to get someone to play. My older daughter had a boyfriend in high school who played the trumpet and was often called on to play taps following funerals. Such a haunting melody. Sorry for your friend's loss of her son.

  4. Liz,
    I l o v e "catching Up" with you with this series of This and That, dear friend!
    Teddy is ignoring you in the mantle photo! Too, too cute!
    Apple crisp keeps popping on several blogs!
    Guess I should look up a recipe and give it a try!
    Wishing you a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  5. You have been quite busy. So sad about your friend, Linda's son. I hope she can recover from so much bad news. Apple crisp is such a great dessert, especially with vanilla ice cream. That chocolate cake was huge! Everyone loves a good cheesecake. Thanks for sharing your week. have a wonderful weekend.

  6. GORGEOUS flowers, your garden is the bomb....

  7. Hi Liz! I love apple crisp this time of year! Love your new pumpkin sign too. So cheery for fall. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. So sorry to hear about your friend, Linda's son, Liz.

    I enjoyed scrolling down and seeing all your autumn like pics; they've suddenly put me in the mood for my second favourite season!

    Have a wonderful week,


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