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April 25, 2016

Spring Finally Sprang

Since I last wrote on my blog we had a couple of snow storms and a warm up and then back to the frigid temps and finally it seems like all that nonsense is over and spring has sprung!

 The purple Primrose came back from last year and just started shooting out flowers which I was so grateful to see.  I just added the pink and yellow ones- now that I know they're hardy enough to come back I'm willing to invest more into them.  A rabbit has eaten off my tulips already but the daffodils are working their way up. 

We made a trip to Home Depot for supplies so of course I had to meander out in the garden center.  These violas cried out to me- take me, take me, you know you want me!  So I obliged!

Even though we have to empty off the lawn furniture to re-stain the deck we just couldn't resist bringing all of it out.  Aren't these the sweetest faces!

In my ever so delicate way I was trying to remove debris from the winter and ended up breaking off a crocus so of course I rushed in the house and put it in the little tiny vase.

Happy Spring Everybody!

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  1. Glad your spring has finally arrived our winter was late too but the nights are now cool.

  2. I am always so happy when spring arrives. I love your pretty violas and the colors of the primrose are beautiful. My favorite flower is the daffodil. Ours have come and gone so please share pics of yours when they bloom. I love their little heads bobbing in the breeze. Happy Spring!

  3. Yes, it's finally spring!!! Your garden is taking shape, and of course, you know I love your primrose!!! Oh so pretty!

  4. Visiting from your link-up on Jemma's blog...I'm in northern IL and it looks like we're ahead of you a couple of weeks. Lots of blooms here and even the trees are now budding. It's coming your way soon - I promise! I know what you mean about it being hard to resist the first flowers you see at the garden center. I get excited every spring over pansies and violas. :-)

  5. Hi Liz! I can just imagine that you must truly be celebrating the arrival of spring with the winter you have. It has been spring here in Texas for awhile...in fact it was 88 degrees today. In the blink of an eye you'll have green grass and flowers galore.

    So glad you joined the garden party today. :)

  6. I'm so glad to see Spring has come to your area, Liz. You have lovely bones in your garden and I'm looking forward to seeing what lovely flowers spring up! Lovely primroses and violas! ♥

  7. hoe nice, spring has sprung. Your garden is shaping up beautifully and will be in full bloom before you know it. Always a pleasure to visit and see your lovely gardens.

  8. Hi Liz-
    I am so glad you shared this at today's Garden Party!
    I have never grown primrose. Yours is lovely.

    White Spray Paint

  9. I would love to come sit with you in your garden - everything looks wonderful.

  10. Liz, There's nothing more cheery and welcoming than a pot of violas! I'm heading to the garden center today and am digging in the dirt. Enjoy your spring!

  11. Liz, There's nothing more cheery and welcoming than a pot of violas! I'm heading to the garden center today and am digging in the dirt. Enjoy your spring!

  12. I'm glad you're finally getting Spring, Liz! It is warmer and rainy here in Michigan. I went to buy plants yesterday and the sales lady said we're not safe from frost until Memorial Day! I'm going to go ahead a plant in pots and bring them in if it gets cold. I am envying all the beautiful gardens!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  13. Don't you just feel more energetic when Spring finally gets here?! I'm so happy you're having warmer weather and your beautiful garden is waking up. Love your violas! I bought 2 hanging baskets of them for half price at Walmart. They look great!

  14. I had no idea primroses came back! Thank you so much for linking up to the Garden Party. Your garden is completely enchanting!

  15. Hi Liz, glad you finally are getting spring! You have had quite a few snow storms. I buy primroses for my porch pots every spring. When I plant my summer annuals I replant the primroses in my garden in a shady spot. I have had pretty good luck with them coming back. Thanks for sharing with the Garden party.

  16. So lovely to see all that spring is bringing to your garden!

  17. Good Morning My Friend!
    I love your gardens and your primrose come back year after year???
    They die in the Texas heat, in fact I am carefully pampering one that I have in a pot that I bought way back in February.
    Oh I could hear the Violas calling your name and I am so thankful you succumbed to them. I could not resist them either and I am so glad that you didn't!
    We have bunnies all around us too-one was sitting on the front porch this morning like a cat!
    Great to see your Spring gardens and to have you join the garden party too:)

  18. Glad spring has arrived in your neck of the world!! Love..love...love your flowers! They just scream "spring"!

  19. I have spent 3 days at garden centers and farms and Lowes buying flowers, perennials, hanging baskets etc. and almost all are ploanted. We had several WARM days, (yesterday was 85 ) for crying out lous. Now we are back to 60's and 50's Thurs. and Fri.:( Your gardens are always a delight to see. I am glad Spring has finally sprung at your house too!!!!

  20. Hello Liz,
    Your flowers are so pretty. I have not started planting yet as we still have cold evenings and mornings here. I am going to wait until May to start mine. Enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  21. Your yard is beautiful, very soon everything will be green and in full bloom! It's happening here, very slowly, but it is nice to see everything coming back to life!

  22. Your yard is waking up beautifully. So glad you are beginning to see warmer days and springtime. Your flowers are gorgeous. The bunnies are visiting here too and so cute. Love your violas. Have a great springtime in your garden. It is always an inspiration to see. xo

  23. Just discovered your blog and I am blown away by your gardens, I wish I could be half as good as you, I just very basic in gardening! Have a fabulous weekend.


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