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April 3, 2016

Feed the Birds

I decided to try these bird plates with the light aqua tone on the plate rack.  I left the yellow hydrangea flower accents and I like that there was a little yellow in the bird on the plate.  I believe I got these at Macy's about 5 years ago.  As you may notice once again I've left the french striped blue and white plates up there for my backdrop.  I'm having fun with them.

I'm still loving the placemats and keep them in use regularly.  

I popped these blue and white plates that I got from Terrain into this bread basket from Pier 1. I wanted to see if they'd look good with the french stripe plates.  I do believe it works!  I really wanted to stage some plain linen napkins with this but I don't have any so for now this will do.

 Tulips aren't real- Pottery Barn last year.  They have such a realistic look to them I couldn't resist.

I got this at a little gift shop a few years ago.  It came with a liner too so you can put a plant in it or flowers with water.

 I kept this little candle votive here and since it has birds on it- it tied right into my theme!

 As I mentioned in my Easter Luncheon post where I used this little lantern/conservatory post "here" I was planning to re-use it after Easter and lo-and behold this new little bird dropped in at my doorstep!  I had literally just put the plates on the plate rack and the mailman dropped the delivery box off.  I knew it was meant to be!

 I mean that literally too!  A few weeks back I was visiting the blog "Artsy Va Va" and admired these cute little wooden blocks that she had created with a multi layered painting and image transfer process.  I just loved them and wrote Virginia a note and next thing I know she's sending me one!!
This is the link to her post "here"  Thank you again Virginia- such a sweet gesture!

 I have a pair of these which came from Michael's 

My sister Jen gave me these too cute little pig salt and pepper shakers that are from Crate and Barrel for my birthday.  They just cracked me up when I saw them!

As some of you would say - how stinkin' cute are these!!

This is a link to a tablescape post where I introduced these placemats "here".  There is more info as to the brand etc., on them.

For about 10 minutes the sun shined and I was scrambling to take some pictures.  We've had a less than desirable change in the weather here.  Friday night we got about 4" of snow and still more is coming.  It's wet and clings to everything.  It's pretty so….

I decided to take advantage of the snow and stick my Demijohn style bottle with some forsythia branches out on the deck for a photo op!  I conned asked for Dan's help with placing it because he has much longer arms and could get it where I wanted.  I had him go off to the left, step in a ways and reach as far as he could to set it down. 

This is what should be blooming right now- but once again we've been reminded that we aren't in charge and will have to wait a bit longer to enjoy the beauty of spring!  When life gives you lemons- make lemonade!
I found the forsythia branches at Hobby Lobby last year.  They are the most realistic I've ever seen.  I first showed them in this post "here".

Speaking of feeding the birds- we always keep the feeders full and the birds are regular visitors.  They need extra help especially with crazy weather like we're having!  


  1. Hi Liz! Oh, I just absolutely ADORE all your pretty birdies!!!! : - )

    You've done a wonderful job with it all - and most especially Virginia's wood bird art - she is so talented, love love love it. You've given that special piece a nice place to hang out!

    Your new sweet little piggie shakers are ADORABLE - they totally made me smile!

    Sorry I have been away - life got in the way! Always such a pleasure to visit you!

  2. Your bird decor is just what I adore, Liz. Everything is beautiful and I love the bird your friend sent you! Very nice. Your husband did a great job placing the vase in the snow for your photo--how clever! I can't believe you have that much snow--wow. We had fierce winds last evening--over 50 miles an hour. We had just cleaned the yard of sticks! Oh well, we have to do it again. Have a lovely Sunday. ♥

  3. What a beautiful spring with birds d├ęcor. I love your breakfast room, hutch and cupboard. The bird plates are such a treasure and yes, I'd keep those lovely place mats everyday too.
    Your hubby is such a sweet one to place the vase in the snow for the pic too and wow, a snowy spring you're having!
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. Oh Liz, what a fab photo you created with the forsythia in the snow! The pic totally captures how we feel when it snows in spring! It made me smile for sure. Now, back to inside where I love those bird plates on your plate rack - so pretty. Great use of your lantern with the white bird and bird block painting. The pot of white tulips is the perfect accent on that table. Here's hoping your "real" spring isn't too far off. Been nice here but it's supposed t change...

  5. Hi Liz! Oh, everything looks so sweet and all of your little birds, inside and out are so sweet! Those are some pretty cute place mats on your table. Just love it all and stay warm. We woke up to about an inch of snow this morning. We haven't had hardly any all year and hubby was disappointed when it started to melt! He didn't get to use his snow blower all winter! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I love everything here Liz, especially the blue striped plates as a backdrop for your spring birdy decor! Love the piggies and the artwork is wonderful, how sweet of her to send it! I can't believe the snow, we enjoyed an almost summer like day...I bought those same forsythia branches last year at HL, and I agree, they look so real! Kudos to your hubs for his skill at placing your vase just right!

  7. Love seeing how you tweak your gorgeous nook. That tulip bucket is sublime, love it. I also am getting such a kick out of those adorable little pigs!

    Thanks so much for joining the Dishing It & Digging It Link Party!

  8. Very sweet post. Love the birds and your special block from Val. Those piggies have got to be the cutest ever. Your sister outdid herself. Beautiful vignette and you always change out your plate rack. The vase looks so pretty outside on the deck. Pretty amazing you have snow and we are sitting here with the doors open.

  9. Everything looks so lovely Liz! I'm swooning over your plate rack with the bird plates. My little birdie block looks like it settled in nicely to its new home. Your home looks so warm and inviting that it's hard to believe there is snow outside. It sure did make for a pretty picture though! I hope April brings you lots more sunshine.

  10. It's certainly looking like Spring in your home! Those bird plates and other springy touches are darling! I'm sure it will warm up outside soon. I love your forsythia arrangement in the snow! What a great idea for an early spring photo. Enjoy your week, Liz!

  11. I love all your spring additions! If you could just get the outdoors to cooperate, 'ey? I always enjoy your plate shelf changes, and the table beneath is so fun with your terrarium. So glad your mailman magically got the memo. Ha!

  12. I, too, love that bird block! How sweet of her to send it to you!!! I love the bird plates, they are beautiful! You have inspired me to get mine out. I am decorating with birds, birdhouses etc. now for Spring. I couldn't imagie how you got the forsythia out there with no footprints!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. That Demijohn photo in the snow can be a postcard Liz, and I would buy it! So beautiful! I'm still jealous of your plate rack and the gorgeous plates you put on it now!

  14. Oh those birdies are so cute, Liz. I love the plates and love the Frenchy look....Christine

  15. Such cute pic and decor featuring birds. I have my feeders going all the time now and plan to year round. Love watching the birds and taking pics of them.

  16. Liz,
    I have been obsessed with the outdoors and I am catching up tonight.
    I am sure you'd like this snow to go away but goodness what a lovely Demijohn photo!
    I love your birdies and oh those little piggy wiggely's!

  17. Liz, your pictures are wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Pinning, pinning, pinning. First I love what you've done to the plate rack this week. Those little bird plates are so sweet. Love the nesting vignette in the little terrarium house too. I'm sure glad you are feeding the birds in that spring snow storm. Bless their little hearts!

    It's always fun and inspiring to visit you. Happy TOHOT. :)


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