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November 27, 2015

Friday Quick Notes & Ideas #3

Wow another week has gone by so fast!
I hope your Thanksgiving day was great!

I wanted to show you that I added the tartan plaid ribbon (which I found at Michael's) to the tree collar/basket that I showed last week.  I just wove it in and out on top of the red felt that was already there and I created kind of a ruffle with it.  I think it looks a lot cuter now.  Of course the cats think it's for them.  


Our new Christmas tree was ordered from Balsam Hill.  While browsing their web-site I saw this "Scents of the Season Fragrance Machine" and thought it might be a smart buy.
Its always nice to have the fragrance of a real tree but it doesn't last long so this is a nice option for substituting that fragrance.  It's kind of pricey but it seems like a safe option to me.  My hubby won't allow me to use those plug in wall fragrances for fear of fire and those little aroma sticks that you put in a jar with the scented liquid isn't safe with my cats.  They'd have it knocked over quickly and want to chew the sticks!

This is the link "here"

The only negative comments I've read is there is some noise from the unit when it comes on but they say it's not all that bad.
I went looking for a discount code to help buy one and found a bunch of discount codes at RetailMetNot.com (no affiliation with me- just sharing) for Balsam Hill.  When we ordered our tree they had a sale on it, free shipping and I used a $50 coupon code that was on a catalog that we had received.  I've been big on following sales this year at all my favorite sites.


This year I'm in love with tartan plaid more than ever.

I found this tablecloth at Sur La Table and bought early for fear they'd sell out.  So far they still have them and this is a link to all of their tartan plaid pieces "here"  I'm mixing different tartan plaid pieces around the house this year.  What I really liked about this pattern is the white.  So many of the designs are much deeper in tone.  I liked their wine bag too in case you have an opportunity to offer a bottle of wine as a gift to someone this is a great way to present it!

That's all for now my friends!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  1. Liz, I love your use of plaid! It's so lovely - I only wish I could find some in purple! Ha!

  2. I really like your basket collar! The plaid ribbon is the perfect touch. I bought a red plaid tablecloth at tj's and have it in a basket right now. Sheila

  3. I love that basket collar and the plaid ribbon you dressed it up with. I've never seen anything like that. It's perfect to cover up the tree stand with. Love it. The plaid tablecloth is pretty too. We're just starting our Christmas decorating and can't wait to see yours!

  4. Liz,
    Love the tree collar. . .all most as much as Teddy!!! (wink!)
    Not a big fan of aroma machines, I've had several accidents with them.
    I use diffuses and get along well with them.
    Thanks for sharing. . .I'm enjoying your Friday quickies!!!

  5. Liz, I think the ribbon looks great on the basket stand. I love the cat peeking out. :):) That fragrance thing may be what I need. I am not crazy for the plug ins either. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


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