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April 13, 2015

The White Monkey Had to Go!

Last Wednesday I decided to re-do my curio wall unit.  A couple of years ago I found it at our Ethan Allen store that was closing and had everything marked down.  I managed to find this and a few other goodies which also included that big picture that hangs over the fireplace now.
I struggled with what to put on it and it just became a collection of random things.  

Ethan Allen called this a Chinoiserie (inspired) Wall Curio.  I liked it immediately although I had no idea where it was going to go.

I had a few Asian inspired pieces and have kept them grouped in this area.  The three drawers are still empty but I'm sure something will find it's way into them!

A  jar with bamboo accents that I got from EBay a while back.  Hammered brass candlesticks from Marshall Fields- back in the day.

A pagoda style hinged box (I keep all the extra remotes in it) which I also picked up from EBay a while back.

I made a collage showing a few of the ways I did this while playing with it.  It's funny how seeing what you are working on in a picture helps you "see" it better.  I finally decided the white monkey had to go.  No one likes it anyway, but he was just too white and seemed to pull your eye right to it. 

I wanted to try my two imitation Staffordshire Dog statues (purchased from Nell Hill's a while back) on it.  I wanted them to sit on the bottom self but they were too tall to go anywhere else but the top.  The vase was already up there so I chose to center it. 

The 2nd shelf - a small bowl rests on top of a book box and the coral was from a novelty store specializing in nautical things.  The brass elephant was either a Bombay piece or from Pier 1.  Can't remember for sure!

I could not decide on what else to put on the bottom shelf so I for now that's it.

Tying the tassel with cord around the base of the sphere really made a difference.
I tried to use variety of different elements and textures.  I studied it to see how my eyes moved on it.  That's why the white monkey had to go- he was too much of an attention grabber! 

 Before and after.
I think it's much better!

I'll be joining the following parties:

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  1. Liz, what a delightful change, love it! The monkey was adorable, but I like it best now! Good job!
    Have a great week!

  2. Yes! I do like it much better after the little monkey went bye-bye. I really like the curio. My fave piece is the coral on glass riser.

  3. Liz I LOVE the new look...pretty shelf and pretty display!!

  4. i love the changes, Liz. Your monkey is adorable, but I think the shelf looks better without him. He might emphasize the bamboo pot well if you place the monkey in front of the pot and over to one side. He is definitely a cute eye-snatcher.

  5. Hi Liz, Love the new look. What a gorgeous shelf. It looks so great where you placed it too. The monkey is cute but it's better without him. Love your picture series showing all the looks. That's a great idea.
    Hugs, CM

  6. Nice! I think taking the pics and comparing them is inspired. Pictures always seem to highlight what needs attention. Maybe the monkey just needs a different color or finish for new life.

  7. You really missed your vocation, Liz ;)
    I'm kidding as I don't know what you did professionally but by the way you play around the house I think you would have given a charming and awfully talented curator to a Palace or Museum. Their loss, our gain :)
    I love the dogs but can't say I cared very much for the monkey... there's something in his eyes.
    Well done. Again.

  8. I enjoyed the arrangements, and laughed at your remark about the monkey. :-) Love that hinged box in pagoda style. That's what intrigues me the most. Love stuff like that.

  9. Lovely re-so on your shelf. I still love the monkey! The dogs look great there with other touches. The pagoda box is unique and pretty.

  10. So creative, I love to move things around the house often, it just helps to freshen up certain areas and items. This is why I call you the queen of vignettes my dear Liz

  11. The only reason why that monkey had to go was because of it's bright white color, but I think he's cute! ;-) Love the new look Liz!


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