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April 24, 2015

And Down She Came

Two years ago we were notified that some trees were going to cut down because of concerns with the power lines. 

 The crew arrived Thursday morning (yes we got a touch of snow the night before) mother nature pranking us once again!  They trimmed up the smaller branches.

For some reason they pulled off the job, tidied up the yard and left early that afternoon.

They came back this morning and got back to business. I took pictures of the workers like the paparazzi  
from a distance. 

The day before I let them know I had a little honeysuckle bush right next to it and I'd appreciate it if they didn't demolish it.  He accommodated me by making sure the wood fell to the opposite site.

 Trimming off lower branches before he parked the bucket and came down.  

Starting to make the final cuts

 There she goes!

 I clicked away and caught it mid-air.
When it dropped the earth shook!  It's exciting to witness and feel the impact and it makes you realize just how much weight there is in a tree.  I'm sure glad they know what they are doing because that fell in line with to the corner of the living room!

We did note last year that it barely had leaves on it so it was on it's way out but it's very sad to see such a big tree have to be taken down (just glad I didn't have to pay for it).

You can just barely make out the honeysuckle next to the stump.  Doesn't look like much now but once things green up it will be pretty again!  

This is the honeysuckle bush I asked them to be careful of.  I'm grateful I was here to be able to ask them because I'm sure with it's close proximity it would have been a goner.   
I darn near killed this honeysuckle once before by transplanting it at the wrong time.  It took two years for it to start making a comeback but now it's recovered nicely and I hated to think I'd loose it. 

 They rolled the pieces over by the woods.  A friend of ours will be coming by to take the wood away since he uses it to heat his home.
Quietly at peace-  only the sawdust of it's shadow remains….

Wishing you all a great weekend.


  1. Well, shoot! I did know you had this blog! I've been a bit distracted the last few days! Now, that is one big ole tree! Kinda scary when something like that comes down! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Well, here you are! OH my heavens, that is a huge tree! Happy for the honeysuckle save!! Yay!!


  3. So nice of them to hear you concern for the Honeysuckle.
    Can't wait to see all your Hosta's come back they are my favorite.
    you have so many different varieties love them all.
    Linda C in Seattle

  4. Wow- That was a big tree to come down...and that was nice of them to work around your honeysuckle. I think you were photographing the cute WORKERS rather than the WORK, Liz. Nice cover-up! xo Diana

  5. it's always sad to see cut trees, fortunately the honeysuckle was saved

  6. Hi Liz, WOW what a big tree to come down. You captured the process with some great shots.
    So glad they saved your honeysuckle. Your garden will be gorgeous again this year and I look forward to seeing it. My Hostas are all up and full and I look at them and think, do they look as pretty as Liz's??
    Most likely not, but I am trying. LOL
    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  7. Liz, Those fellows did a fabulous job cutting that tree and getting everything cleaned up. Glad you got to keep the honeysuckle. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. I signed up to follow this blog -- I always look forward to your posts on the other side of the lane. Doesn't it feel as though it will never be full-out spring?

  9. We need to do some tree trimming this year. When I say we, I really mean someone who knows what they are doing! Ha! Sheila

  10. You were lucky to get this tree removed before it did some real damage to your property and very lucky that the gentleman doing the work was so conscientious as to make sure your honeysuckle was not damaged during the process. We had to have three large old pin oaks removed from around our old house. All were within ten feet of the house and had problems with carpenter ants, one had split and dropped a large branch through the garage roof. Your back yard reminds me of my yard at my old house. I loved the trees and it hurt (financially and aesthetically) to have to take such drastic steps to prevent future damage to my home.

  11. Tree trimming/removal is always exciting...and expensive. It's good that your utility company did it. Wish they'd do some at our house. They trim, once every few years on the side of the street that has the power lines, but not on our side, unless there is a problem. It's nice that they left the wood for your friend, too.

  12. How nice of them to preserve your honey suckle! Trees falling are, as you say, very powerful and heavy. As long as they're under control by an expert, it doesn't bother me. HH and I cut a small tree in our back yard once...hit the neighbor's fence. Needless to say, we're not directional experts when it comes to cutting trees! It's nice to have tree guys that don't charge anything. They did a neat and tidy job! I'm glad the wood is going to someone needing it for warm fires. :-)

  13. It is exciting to watch professional tree trimmer. They did a great job - it amazes me they can get those big trees to fall just where they want them to.

    It's been awhile since I've visited this blog so I've signed up for it . Love reading about your beautiful gardens!

  14. It gives a pang to witness the death of giant but indeed is too close to the lines and if she was dying one of those blasted winters would make too much damage, I think.
    I'm looking forward to Spring to arrive and stay in your neck of the woods and see all those plants and flowers bursting with happy colors and scents.
    Take Care,

  15. Glad they did not smoosh your pretty honeysuckle bush, Liz! And you are lucky that you did not have to foot the bill! So costly. Everything is finally turning bright green here. Loving that. Hoping it has come your way too. :)
    Enjoy the weekend!

  16. It's always amazing how much work is necessary to get one tree down. Glad that your honeysuckle was spared! Hope that the weather continues to warm up. I can't believe that you had snow just last week!

  17. Liz, it's always sad to see trees being cut down or ones that have fallen due to ice storms or other catastrophic incident. So glad you were able to save that pretty honeysuckle bush! Poor thing has had some close calls, huh?

    Wishing you a wonderful week!



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