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January 29, 2014

French Country Breakfast

First I'm going to start off showing you the view from the window at my kitchen sink.  The sun was out so I hustled to get this tablescape together and I thought maybe you'd like to see what it's like outside in my snowy winter wonderland world.  We received another 12" of snow over the weekend and the schools were all closed for two days because of the extreme cold and snow.

To say I'm craving color is almost an understatement!  With that in mind yellow has been poking my brain so I brought out some beautiful dishes that were gifted to me by my son and daughter-in-law! 

My black and white fleur de-lis tablecloth became the backdrop to this French Country breakfast tablescape. 

"Adelaide" Yellow by 222 Fifth  is a beautiful pattern.  I used black plates to highlight these soft yellow dishes.  Love the design on them!

Antique pewter napkin rings with a petite checked black and white napkin seemed perfectly Country French to me!

The sun radiated beauty into the flowers.

Yummy color

The Fleur-de-lis pattern is repeated on the coffee mugs.  Once again the Pier 1 white chargers come into play. Their swirl pattern seems perfect for this French inspired breakfast table.

Behind the glass you may notice the Fleur-de-lis accent piece on the box.  
Fleur-de-lis is from Old French- flour de lys meaning Flower of the Lily

 Doesn't that look so much nicer than the white outdoors! 

Do you know what makes for some very delicious French Toast with not much effort?  I use a loaf of cinnamon bread (no raisins) to make the French Toast with and it's delicious!  I recommend it if you want add a little something special for breakfast!

I will be joining 
Between Naps on the Porch 

French Country Cottage
Feathered Nest Friday


  1. Hi Liz,

    The view out your kitchen window is beautiful in my eyes anyway.
    Your yellow tablescape sure is inviting this morning.
    I see some wheat stalks love those too.
    Must try the french toast idea sounds easy enough for me.
    Stay warm Spring can't be to far off ...
    Linda C in Seattle.

  2. This is so pretty! LOVE your Fleur-de-lis pattern and the black, white and yellow combination. It looks so cozy with the sun shining through the bouquet. The black and white checked napkins pair perfectly with the yellow plates. Great idea of using the cinnamon bread for French toast. Gosh, you're making me so hungry.

  3. Despite all the white, the snow is a lovely backdrop for your beautiful tablescape. What an awesome view!

  4. I just love your yellow plates and your tablescape is beautiful - perfect for a cold winter day. Thanks for the idea for French Toast, I will have to give it a try :)

  5. I just LOVE the black and white with the yellow !!!!! How pretty this table is. I can't imagine all that snow. I would be so depressed living in that climate so admire you!!! Our snow is not melting due to temps not getting above freezing for a long time. It is 15 now, was 7 when I got up. Stay warm and thanks for the french toast tip!!! XO

  6. SO pretty! I love the yellow and black combo. I also love white dishes, kinda obsessed with 'em! And you can never go wrong with fleur de lis! Stay warm.

  7. Liz- Those dishes are just beautiful. I love them!!! Your table looks so fresh and French and festive. I, too, am craving some color here this year. I am so sick of winter. We are finally getting above zero today with more snow coming tomorrow. xo Diana

  8. Hi lovely lady.
    I love the sun shining on your French country breakfast so beautiful. Your dishes are Gorgeous also and the great view of the snow. Hoping you and yours are keeping warm.
    God Bless.


  9. Oh my, your tablescape is just breathtaking! I love those lucious colors! So happy I found your wonderful blog, I'll be back!

  10. Liz, oh Liz, oh Liz....this is just SO pretty! What a nice way to wake up your kitchen area as well as your senses! I have long admired those beautiful 222 Fifth dishes, but I just haven't been able to buy them. I can live vicariously through you! Adding the black & white checked napkin and the gorgeous tablecloth gives it a French country look all the way! You totally nailed the feeling of the French countryside!!!

    I'm glad you were able to pick up some fresh flowers to cheer you up through this, too! They look fantastic, and the color is just what the doctor ordered!

  11. Liz, I love this table. I've been eyeing those plates too -- so beautiful. You gave me an idea for the wooden trug that I picked up from Jo-Ann's for practically nothing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. This table is gorgeous and the square plates are fabulous! I love the photography here and the lovely fresh flowers; you did a great job with it all! Thanks for visiting Cayetana, she's so happy with her comments, lol! I have a new post too.

  13. Your table is so pretty and cheerful! You all may think I'm nuts, but I envy anyone who lives where "Weather" actually happens! I live in So CA and I think it is downright UNNATURAL to have temps in the high 90's almost all year round--especially in winter!! The only time we can dare hope to have any change, and call it a season, is when it rains during our "rainy" season, typically from around, (sometimes), Oct through March or April. However, this year it has not rained at all, and November, December and January have been in the high 80's to high 90's. The colder you have it "back" East, the hotter we have it here. So along with the heat come the hot dry winds, (like living in the Sahara), and of course, the synonymous with California FIRES, which are fanned and spread everywhere by those "Santa Ana" winds. So if you want to bake for Thanksgiving and Christmas in North Orange County CA, you have to put your shorts on and fire up the ol' air conditioning so you don't roast along with the turkey! I am not showing off here for you guys who live in areas with actual seasons! I just hate not having a romantic fireplace and the traditional cold weather, (it is winter after all), accouterments! Anyway, enough of my whining, I just want you to see how stifling HOT it can be in other parts of the U.S.! You can always put a coat on to warm up in cold weather, but what can you do to cool off if you are already wearing the minimum allowed? Maybe if one could live by the Beach in a $500,000,000.00 home(?). So I think your snowscape is so beautiful, and it feels to me like you all who live in naturally cold, winter-like weather, are the ones "showing- off" your cold, cozy weather! I think you are very lucky not to live in eternal stuck-on-HOT-weather.
    Thank you for the gorgeous pictures, and if you find a way to put some of your cold weather in a can, please send me some! Your beautiful pictures are the next best thing! Thank you for sharing!
    (Thanks for letting me rant!)

  14. This is an absolutely gorgeous table. I love all of the details, especially those wonderful toile plates..score!

  15. Gorgeous table!! Everything is just perfect but I'm especially loving the yellow! It made me smile, I'm missing color, too! Stay warm!

  16. Breath taking table I love all the black and white. What a great gift, toile plates! Just beautiful.

  17. What a refreshing colorful table to cheer up my icy landscape. Love the yellow pop of color and the French theme. Great job today. Peggy from PA

  18. You created some beautiful color! Love how the sun is shining in on your colorful table!

  19. Beautiful table….I love the soft yellow, black and white color combination, so fresh and frenchy!

  20. How very very pretty Liz! I love the dishes. One of Bill's Aunt's has them in blue and white - I've admired them several times. Nice way to brighten up the inside and make it through the winter. I'm not so patiently waiting for Spring too!

  21. Hi Liz! I'm feeling happier already! The yellow really does look so cheerful and such a cozy setting! I am so over this cold weather. Enough already! I have to admit, the snow does look beautiful, but I am so ready for some warmer temperatures. Such a gorgeous table! Stay warm!

  22. Wow - you even have more snow than we have! So pretty though! I love your table and those dishes are gorgeous!

  23. Liz this is just gorgeous. I am also loving the Buffalo check. I love those yellow dishes and the flowers in the picture are so pretty. It gives me hope for warmer weather here in NJ. We are sick of the cold and snow here.


  24. This is beautiful! I love the plates and your napkins are perfect. Yes, I think your table warms up your snowy day. I do love the snow, I just don't like shoveling it! I am a northerner in my heart no matter where I live!
    Blessings to you,

  25. Beautiful table setting! I love black and white checks! Enjoy (if you can) the snow!

  26. Beautiful tablescape Liz! Love your tablecloth and the light coming into the window. Hope you are staying warm.

  27. What a cheery table you set! Love the blue and white!!!

  28. I felt transported to France with this table. The linens, the flowers, the fabulous plates - everything is just charming. Yes, I am craving that yellow too and these plates really do it for me!

  29. Your table is beautiful! I love the yellow in the middle of winter, it is such a ray of sunshine!! I love the check napkins against the soft yellow floral plates. I passed some fresh flowers in the store today and was so totally tempted just to brighten up a cold day, your flowers make me wish I had brought some home!! Thanks for sharing!!

  30. What a great table you put together. Love the yellow dishes and the napkins together. Everything is so put together. I always admire the white chargers. I wish we had that kind of snow. I adore snow and we are not getting any at all this year (so disappointing).

  31. I Love it! And this must be the shortest comment you'll receive from me because I'm really in awe with your creation. I love the "Adelaide" pattern so much I could fall round on the floor of so envious I am of it. And all the other details... words fail me. My favorite tablescape from all the worderful you're created since I know you. And I love that snow... you live in MY world, in fact ahahahah
    Stay Warm, Safe and Creative.

  32. Gorgeous table Liz…love the dishes and the beautiful colors…and must say I am hearting those napkin rings and the view outside your window!!!…Beautiful Liz!

  33. What a beautiful table! I just love Fleur-de-lis and could put them on everything. To Laura from California: I live in Ohio on Lake Erie (it's in my backyard) and last week it was -11 during the daytime. Factor in the wind chill and that made it feel like -30. Guess what? I LOVE the cold weather AND the snow! So yes, there are some of us "nut cases" around. . .LOL!

  34. Hi Liz,
    What a beautiful TS.

    The square plates from your son and DIL are too die for. They really are so beautiful.

    Absolutely in love with them. We have exactly the same tablenapkins. They fit to the classy settings.

    Happy weekend.
    /CC girl

  35. Truly a beautiful french country table. Love everything about it, and those blue and yellow plates are to die for..........so pretty. love how the sunlight was coming in on the table, almost like candlelight.........
    Have to say it is very pretty outside too, but I can imagine that after so much of that snow it get old pretty quick, especially when you have to be home a lot.............
    Thanks for sharing this lovely table,
    Blessings, Nellie

  36. So pretty. Love the yellow and black but I think the napkin rings are my fav.

    - The Tablescaper

  37. i LOVE this post! such gorgeous table setting!



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