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March 28, 2012

Raw...Guest bedroom makeover....

I've started my next project which is 
the guest bedroom.  
It's pretty much in the "raw" state but 
I figured you could handle it!! 

We just painted the room two years ago 
in a light yellow called "Italian Straw" 
by Pratt & Lambert, so I didn't want to 
paint it again, but had to find a way to 
work with it.  Of course I wanted
a new look so my brain went into
seek...ponder...and oh darn watch 
the budget mode!
This is the room after I got it together in 
2009.  It's approx. 13.5 ft. by 9.5 ft
I grew tired of the dark drapes quickly 
and I had them mounted too close to the 
edges of the window so it ate up a lot
of the available daylight.
At the time the bedding fit the budget 
and with some added pillows I was able 
to pull the colors of the room together.  
I put the dresser in front of the window 
but I've hated it ever since.  The heater 
vent is behind there and it also made it 
hard to work with the window shade.  
The fabric also seemed to collect every 
piece of cat hair like a magnet and I really 
got tired of trying to keep it looking clean!
Last Sunday I suggested we move the 
furniture around in the room, so I plotted 
it with the room planner at Lazy Boy's
web site.  
We bought this bedroom outfit for our 
daughter about 8 years ago.  It's a nice 
solid cherry set by Stanley called 
Louis Louis.  The bed is a nickle plated 
piece that we never actually put together.  
We had it in the smaller bedroom and we 
didn't have room to give up for the 
footboard.  I had a moderately priced 
(cheap) frame connected to it but the real 
frame and footboard remained in storage.
We were pleased to see the nice hardware 
package it came with which included this 
thick silicone rubber piece to help with 
mounting the pieces together.  
The frame has lots of support and we were
 so happy to actually see it put together.  
If you haven't followed me- I recently took 
over her old bedroom and made it into 
my office.  All of her bedroom furniture is 
still here. She lives in an apartment in
a city about 150 miles away.  When she 
settles in someday we will move this to 
her new home.  In the meantime I 
claim it for the guest room!
(Possession is 9/10ths right?)
I love the sweet shape of the headboard 
and footboard.  The mirror reflects the 
same shape.  This is just a quick shot after 
we got the mattress set back on.
It's tight in here as you can see!   The tall 
armoire used to be behind me and we 
used some of those sliding discs to move 
it over.  Those are a handy thing to have!
The dresser is over where the armoire 
used to be and these are new lamps I 
got at Pier 1 Imports.  I was drawn to
their unusual shape and thought they
might be a nice design element!
I love how they glow!
These pillows are my inspiration for the 
new accent colors in the room.  I'm 
waiting for them to come from 
Pottery Barn.
I found three matching frames at  
T.J. Maxx.  I thought I was going to use 
them in the office, but it didn't work out.  
They have that new popular "chalk" paint 
look and I couldn't resist them!  
I need to find pictures for them yet, but I'm 
pleased with them and they coordinate 
with the color in the pillows beautifully!
I also found some curtain panels that had 
the same coloring!  
I think this was meant to be!
Next on the check list....I have the curtains 
going up and the new picture frames are 
being hung above the bed.  
Waiting on the bedding and I still need to 
find pictures to put in these frames! 

Thanks for visiting and I hope
your week is going great!


  1. What a tease. I do love everything so far though. Pretty blue! Love the headboard. Can't wait to see it all complete Liz!

  2. Oh, this room is going to be gorgeous! I love the bed! Very, very pretty!

  3. Hi Liz,
    Oh boy, I can't wait to see the final product. Love everything you have picked out. =) Happy Decorating! ~Liz

  4. Two thumbs up, baby! This is lookin' great!!! I really, really, REALLY like that nickelplated frame. It's just so fresh!!!!!! I think your daughter's going to have to do a little wheeling and dealing to get that stuff back into her posession! :-)

  5. I am sure it is going to be beautiful. The nickel plated bed is great. I also have a yellow guest room, always had some regrets about the shade, though. xo

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    Liz.Your guest bedroom is going to be Gorgeous!! I also love yellow walls like you do. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  7. Your guest bedroom is going to look great with the things you have chosen. I love the soft blues!

  8. Looks great. Although I don't think any beds look as nice as carved log beds, but yours is certainly a good alternative. Thanks for sharing.


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