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March 12, 2012

Office Debut.....

I decided to go ahead and reveal
my office.  I still need to tweak it
hear and there but the 
foundation is set!
 Remember it's a small room...
10.5 x  10.5... and I'm sharing
it with a bedroom dresser. My goal
was to have it feel like a den/office-
and with my very traditional furniture 
the tone was set.
 I got totally frivolous and ordered a set
of books from One Kings LaneThese
are Swedish books by Victor Hugo  
and because I am Swedish (from my father's side) 
I became intrigued and  decided to purchase them.  
I found the lion bookends at T.J. Maxx
a while back and as it turns out they 
resemble some lions that are outside of 
the Drottingholm Castle in Stockholm
Sweden!  I stumbled across that
information on the internet!
Dan installed some lights on the front 
side of my desk. 
So I have my Swedish books guarded
by my Lions! I am pleased!  I brought
in a couple of frames and the two birds
I got on clearance from The Thomas 
Jefferson-Monticello on line store.
I had two other lamps that I thought I 
were going to be used in this room, but 
once everything came together they
just weren't working.  I felt that their sleek 
white lamp body was just too modern, 
(see progress thru previous posts)
 here here , and here
I plan to use them in another room.
I found this lamp at Pier 1 (clearance) and I 
borrowed this stand from the 
living room to give it some height.
 The curtains I ended up with had
just a bit of shimmer in them
and their taupe/brown tone worked
 out perfectly. 
The hardware on the
lamp ended up looking like it
was made to match! The blue in
the lamp picks up on some blue found in
 the big picture by my desk. 
 The sheers have a bit of a shimmer 
to them too and offer a little modern 
twist that I was looking for!
 Behind my desk is the picture I 
selected from Pier 1 Imports. It
also has a bit of shimmer on it-
It's also hard to photograph!
 There is red in it but almost always looks 
orange when I take a picture of it.
 The little three circle mirror is
a new find from T.J. Maxx
 Below the picture is my printer
and the basket my cats have
(I will spend more time hiding the electric cords too)
 The shelf is a carry over from
the old bedroom set up.  I ended
up putting it back in almost the
same spot as it was before!
 This Chinese horse is 
representative of art from
the Tang Dynasty.  It's also from One King's Lane. 
 I am not sure if it's staying there, but if it 
is- I need to complete the look a little
bit better. 
To address the dresser in the room
(yes I said that!)
I definitely didn't want to set it up to feel like it was a bedroom dresser so this is what I ended up with.
I had many ideas- including woven baskets lined up to help with storage items- my printer was almost up there - and there were some other ideas.
 The other day- for the fun of it- I set some pictures and a mirror that used to be part of the bedroom.  I layered them against the wall and I kind of liked it.
Then I started to mess around with
objects that I had, and this is the result!
If I showed you all the versions you
would laugh!
 On the left is a world globe purchased
in Philadelphia while seeing the
Liberty Bell and the historical offerings
in the area.  I found it marked down but
I decided it was still too pricey, and the store clerk asked what 
I'd be willing to pay, so I made an offer and he took it! 
 The mercury glass piece is a Globe filled
candle from Pottery Barn (Christmas)
and the magnifying glass was added
to bounce off the theme of globes
and maps....

I brought in the bird cage from
the living room because of it's arched
door that resembled the theme I
had started with the blue door and
the Italian garden.
The wood piece is the other shelf
that I turned upside down and 
arranged some clear glass candle
 votives on it.  
Standing by the closet near the desk
gives another perspective.  There is
about 3 ft. between the desk and the
dresser at the curve.
 I had Ann from On Sutton Place 
create this linen runner to protect
the top surface of the dresser. It
came out perfect!  Check out her 

Sitting at my desk.
I do have a view out the window
which isn't bad.  In the summer I will 
see some of my garden out front
and plenty of grass and trees!
So that's my new office and I
hope you liked it!
As always Thank-you for visiting!  
Love to hear your comments!


  1. Looking lovely Liz... the placement of your desk is the first perfect impression of a office...I think from last all times now it is on the most suitable place.... The second beautiful thing is your art work... Oh really I am in love with it...I want one like this and yours is truly beautiful... The third thing are sheers, quite different and very beautiful...
    A very perfect job Liz
    Hope you will enjoy a visit at
    With love

  2. Great office. Love the curved desk. You have really created a wonderful place to work. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh my goodness gracious I love everything about it Liz! All of the colors, the art, the drapes. Simply gorgeous and elegant. Wonderful re-do.

  4. Woo hoo!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!! You did it! Woo hoo!!!!!!!! I applaud your tenacity! I would still be fretting over paint color or something stupid like that 4 months later! You just pulled everything together like a pro, and the way you dressed that dresser....FABULOUS! It looks totaly professional! I have always admired that look but just can't seem to pull it off. You've inspired me to try some day when I actually start paying attention to my house again. :-) I'm glad you kept those beautiful lamps to use elsewhere in the house. They are so pretty! I am really impressed with the window treatment, too. I am just terrible about deciding on that sort of thing. My windows remain naked as a jay bird because I can't figure out what exactly I want to do. Right on, Liz!!!!!!!

  5. Your office looks great Liz! I love the blue lamp. The dresser looks fabulous with all the artwork and beautiful accessories. Great job!

  6. Wow, you did an awesome job pulling everything together! Love all the new pieces you added. Your desk is to die for, I love it! Too bad those lamps didn't work, as long as you can use them somewhere else that's great! The kitty basket is too cute! Enjoy your new office! ~Marcy

  7. Beautiful office! I love your desk!

  8. Liz, your office is GORGEOUS! I love the curved desk and the books with the lion bookends are so perfect in that spot. This is just beautiful and so elegant. You are so going to enjoy working/playing in this space. It may become your fave room! :) Oh, I love the globe, too. So many wonderful details!

  9. Liz, you got a BIG look in such a small room and I'm so impressed, because my office is the same size. It's nice to see an open desk and yet you still have storage in the dresser/console. Great idea. Love the books and lion bookends, and they look perfect in that spot, and you have a light to highlight them. Love it.
    Now you have me wanting to redo our office. Mine has a home/den office look, too, but lately it's looking more like a 'catch all office' and I need to spruce it up.
    Thanks for all the great ideas.

  10. The room turned out great Lizabeth! I really like how you positioned your desk. I'm sure you are loving the space, and wonderful to have a view too. Love the new sheers.

    p.s. forgot to respond, but No Dan didn't retire; he's still hard at work!

  11. Looks beautiful Liz! I would love to have an office like that. So well decorated too.

  12. Liz, it all came together beautifully! Love your desk the best. The lamp is great in the room and I love the artwork and drapes too. XO, Pinky

  13. It looks wonderful!!! I know you are enjoying having your own space!! The mirror is a nice whimsical touch too.

  14. Oh my gosh this turned out so good. It's such a nice mix of new things and things you have had that you treasure. Thank you so much for the plug! I think my favorite thing is the blue lamp. Great photos too...Ann

  15. Liz, what a wonderful office space you have created for yourself. I love so many details such as the globe and the magnifying glass. The runner you had made by Ann is fabulous. She does such great work. Your desk is beautiful with your treasures on display. What a personal retreat!


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