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January 28, 2011

A View To My Room

I live a lot of my life in this room. 

Welcome to my home, I thought I would share where I spend a lot of time both physically in it and decorating it.  I've moved toward French with a hint of Tuscan decorating, but overall it is Traditional.
Our room is a Great Room, Living Room and Multi-Media Room
Our dining room on the left is a pass through area that leads to the living room...a view left...
A view right....

My desk for my computer and nearby our game table... 

in the corner our Grandfather clock which we've owned for 10 years...
The large speakers and tv are kept off to the far right so they are not the first thing you see when you view the room...my husband is an audiophile, and we love to watch movies on the big screen...
 A little closer view of the room...the fireplace arch has been an ongoing challenge to decorate for me. We've changed the inset color 3 times over the past 5 years. The green in it now pulls from the green in the sofa and game chairs.
I finally landed on this arched shaped framed mirror and found the pedestal style vases that I put the topiary balls on.
 The cocktail table...I went with all glass because I have so much wood in the home already
Some favorite books on French and Italian Decorating and my favorite magazine Traditional Home
 Standing in the corner near the clock looking back at the room. The ceiling line you see in the other area is the original house, that's where the front of the house used to be.  We added this room on in 1996.  We chose to have some built in storage and cabinet area for the stereo equipment.  All the wiring is hidden under the floor for the stereo/tv for home theater listening.
 You can see all the way to the kitchen dining area...to the right of that is the galley kitchen.  This home was only around 1100 sq. ft. before the addition and now it's approx. 1650 sq. ft.  
Adding this room on made all the difference in living at this home. It has 6 inch walls and it is so quiet. 
My cluster of candle holders...the fat candle in the top of the tallest candle holder is from Pier 1 Imports, from Christmas.  I thought is was so attractive that I am keeping it around.  They still have some on mark down at our store.
And finally a closer view of the fireplace mantel. 
Thanks for stopping by and sharing a piece of my 


  1. I can see why you love this room and spend so much time in it Liz! Very warm and comfy...yet elegant too.

  2. Your great room is wonderful- Large and spacious!

  3. I can see why you are so comfortable in this room, Liz! That is why I love my living room too, it just FEELS right to me. We only use it for reading and company but I love to sit in there. I love your collection of candle holders, so pretty. Please take us on a complete tour, I want to see more:):) Hoe about the kitchen??? Have a great Sunday! XO, Pinky

  4. It is a beautiful room and home you all have Liz. I love the elegant style and soft colors mixed with warm colors. Very nice.

    Have a great evening.
    ~Melissa :)

  5. Beautiful room Liz, open, airy , full of natural light... these three elements are the main criteria for me to love any room. and yours is perfect ...
    Love your new computor table at his destination...
    Hope you would like to spare a little bit of your time for me sure you will enjoy

  6. I've never seen these pictures of your home!! Love how open it is - it must seem sooo much bigger now! Your new desk looks wonderful!


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