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January 23, 2011


This is Riley, our 3 year old Tonkinese...my Mr. McDreamy

This is Riley as a kitten...too darn cute! He has a nick-name of Jackie Chan because he flies through the room and bounces off furniture like Jackie Chan bounces off walls!
He couldn't play enough!  Always on the go and wanting more and more attention! 
Of course like all of us he slowed down as he grew...he was like a big baby and was more than happy to lay back in your arms and fall asleep...now that's what I call relaxed!
He joins my husband in the morning when he is doing stretches for his back!  He's a funny cat!

I've never known a cat to be so willing to lay on his back...he loves doing this..look at those paws all curled up!

He loves to sit on this chair (he has expensive taste)! Maybe it's because he knows he looks so good on it!
Tonkinese are a blend of Siamese and Burmese...they are not quite as talkative as Siamese, and the Burmese in them makes them a little more athletic.  
I've had Siamese all my life, but I have to admit I'm a convert to Tonkinese now!

I'm linking up with    Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing
Thank-you Debbie for hosting this Pet Partay!


  1. Awwwwwww! So cute! I love how your cat lies on his back!

  2. Visiting from Debbiedoos, that is one attractive cat, I have never heard of this breed, it so resembles my Ragdoll in temperament. This party has been so fun!


  3. Hi Liz. so cuteeeee is this a type a Siamie? I had one like tis and she was also very playful ... yours is so adorable and looks so active...

  4. He is beautiful! So glad you shared his photos with us today! Love him on his back!

  5. Riley looks like a real character, I'll bet he's a lot of fun-enjoy:@)

  6. Well Riley sure is dapper on that chair, your right, he does look good on it. I was so happy to hear you joined, and your first party. Excellent one to join. Thank you Liz for sharing a special piece of your heart with us.

  7. Riley is so handsome. I had 2 siamese cats when I was growing up--one lived to be 22! They are the most loving and clever cats I have ever know. I have never heard of a Tonkinese but I can definitely see the Siamese in Riley. So beautiful, loving and affectionate. Enjoy him! Linda

  8. Liz, your Riley is a beautiful cat.
    I love his name. He looks so contented sitting there. He also looks very playful. They bring us so much Love. Linda

  9. oh my gosh, how tiny as a kitty! we didn't get my cat as a kitten, so i missed out on that. stopping by from debbie's party, and so glad i did!

  10. I do love Tonkinese cats!
    Riley is stunning, handsome, beautiful and full of personality! He's got it all going on!

  11. Oh Liz how precious! I love him on his back. He is a gorgeous boy. My Chestnut says meow to your baby.

    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  12. Hi Liz, He is just so "Dreamy" LOL.. I was brought up with Siamese so when I was given a Himalayan I was soooo happy. Her name is Lizzie by the way LOL

  13. rRley is a beauty. I mean what a beautiful cat. His willingness to lie on his back translates as pure trust.
    He has total faith and trust in you guys. I absolutely love cats. They are my pet of choice. Once again Riley rocks. Ginger

  14. Oh my goodness, your fur baby is as cute as can be. Thank you for swinging by to say hello. I hope you pop in again. hugs ~lynne~

  15. I've never been a cat lover but Riley may just make me a convert! His eyes are gorgeous...yes, McDreamy!

  16. what a gorgeous kitty! I love the belly pictures!
    I had two siamese cats growing up and one of them had the markings like yours. so beautiful

  17. Liz, what a beautiful cat. I used to have a blue point.

  18. Riley is just gorgeous, I SO wish I wasn't allergic to cats, they are beautiful animals, I used to have two. Now we have a little Shih Tzu! I haven't gotten to all of Debbie's pet posts, but saw that you were blog of the week at Melissa's so I hopped on over from there.

  19. I must have missed these when my computer was dead. Love the baby Riley pictures. He really is regal looking in the picture on the back of the chair (I think he knows it too). So cute.


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