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November 17, 2010


Ever heard of a Santos Doll?
I got a bun on to own one, and finally took the plunge... I'm going to add some holiday flair to her when I finally start decorating...She is what they call a Santos Cage Doll...
I like her and I think anyone who enjoyed dolls when they were a young person will like them...I chose this version because her wings can be removed so you can get two different looks automatically from her...

The Santos dolls take their name from the Spanish word for Saint, and are also known as Santons (French) and Santibelli (Italian). The Santos that started the genre of dolls we currently represent (primarily Spanish Colonial and Western European style), were originally started as copies of 17th century carvings by priests. Originally, Santos were created for use as in-home altars. They were needed in small villages that did not have a priest, as well as for when it was not possible to travel to church, such as during times of war. Their development flourished in Europe in the 1700’s and 1800’s, primarily due to these wars.
Santos dolls are closely related to the Crèche figures, which were implemented in Italy by St Francis of Assisi, during the 13th century. However, the Crèche are primarily associated with Italian and French nativity and crib scenes. Crèche scenes are still elaborately displayed throughout Italy and in parts of France, most notably in Provence. 
( The above description was used with permission from SantosCageDoll.com and can't be duplicated without permission )



  1. Oh My Gosh Liz she is just beautiful! I have never heard of Santos Dolls. Do you know the age of her? Can't wait to see what you do with her for the holidays I know it will be fantastic! I am looking for an old dress form I love the wire ones with the scrolls. Thank you for you sweet comments on my curtains! And your blog is always so pretty!

  2. Thanks Sue you're a sweetie...The Santos Doll I have is not old, but made to look old. I guess the real old ones can be quite expensive and quite collectible. This is where I got her from and there are some examples of antique ones and explanations about the dolls. I decided I wanted to own one and I think I will decorate her for different seasons and otherwise leave her plain.

  3. She is very pretty. THe first time I had ever seen one was on Kim's blog, she found one reasonable at Hobby Lobby!

  4. Hi Liz,
    She is very unique-I have never seen on like her before.I love her wings.
    Thank you for visiting me and leaving a nice comment for me.
    Take care,

  5. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Love your site! Im your newest follower! Thanks for stoppin by my Blog!
    Im starting a NEW GIVEAWAY in the morning!
    Come see...

    blessings xoxokara

  6. I'm glad you are happy with your Santos angel! (And thanks for the link!)

  7. Hello Liz,

    You are right. Here in France and particularly in Provence we make beautiful creches with Santons.
    Santons are real unique provencal products and they are beautiful but expensive if you want one handmade in the great tradition.

    Anyway, your doll is fantastic. I think you will sew some dress or anything for her ?

    Thank you very much for stopping by my photoblog and for following.

    Have a nice weekend and Bonjour de France !

    ♥ Hélène Glehen - a French artist, fond of roses and romantic stuff ♥

  8. Helene-
    I do plan to dress her and decorate her. I am glad I found the Santos dolls and learned of their connection to your country. In fact as soon as I learned more about them I was even more drawn to them as I am trying to add some French influence to my decorating!

  9. Very pretty Liz! I had never heard if them until I started blogging.

    Have a good weekend.
    ~Melissa :)

  10. Your Santos doll is gorgeous! I had never heard of them. She make a great addition to your room and I am sure when you dress her for Christmas, she will be more beautiful....Linda


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