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November 21, 2010

Christmas Decorating, Not Yet

... but I did do a little Pre-Christmas project-
I found this Lantern Style Display Cabinet at a little store that sells nice florals and home decorating items....they had a candle in it, but I visualized it with a different look!

It's about 36" tall and as you can see has a hinged door.  I wanted to have an electric light in it so I wouldn't have to worry about a candle, so I presented the idea to my hubby and we both worked on a plan. 
We found a plug in light bulb fixture (the kind they use for the Christmas Villages)  He found a washer that had the right opening size to squeeze the prongs into  place and hold it firmly.  Then he used soldered some brass rods to the washer.  He applied an epoxy glue to the corners to permantly fix it in place. (He didn't want to drill into the body anywhere)

 The part of the cord that will be inside the cabinet was  spray painted a similar color as the cabinet- and then  the cord was glued to the inside edge....This set for a day before it was touched again.  After that a hole was drilled in the bottom of the cabinet to drop the cord through and then a clip was added to keep it from moving.  

 Finally I got to add the rest of the items I had envisioned for it today.... next week I will give it it's home for the holiday!

I have a Potted Tree, a hanging Snowflake at the rear, a Santa Face, artificial snow, cardinals and some extra greens...

I found this wired fabric ribbon that I made into a bow and stuck the wire into a hole at the top of the lantern to fix it in place.  I didn't want to hide the lighting at the top, but it looks more festive with the bow (I tried it multiple ways)


  1. Wow Liz!!! It looks beautiful but I knew you'd make something wonderful out of it.

  2. That is unique and beautiful Liz. Very pretty ribbon too. I just adore wired ribbon. In fact I need to head to Michaels tomorrow.

    How funny about the frames. *Great minds....:)
    I remember seeing all of your pretty ornate frames and just loving them. Isn't it funny how our minds think about our blog friends home decor' that we really admire while we shop?
    I didn't even realize I was doing that. LOL! Thank you for the great insiration Liz.

    Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.
    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  3. How cute is that!!! What an inspiration for me!!! I will be decorating my lanterns next weekend and will be referring to yours!! So cute!!!

  4. Fabulous!!! YOu did a gREAT job, can't wait to see it in it's new home!!!!!!!!!!! XO

  5. Hi lovely lady. I would love to have one like yours. for my table as a Centerpiece you did a great job. Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my Tablescapes. You have a nice day ~~

  6. Gorgeous, Liz...as expected! You've given me ideas for several smaller pieces that I have. Of course, the first chore is going to be unpacking all of that Christmas stuff to get to them!

  7. Thanks everybody, I appreciate your compliments!
    Soon we will all be having fun decorating for the holidays!

  8. Isn't it a blessing to have a handy and willing hubby...ya'll make a great team! It's such a lovely and unique piece and I know that you'll get lots of compliments on it over the holidays.

  9. Delightful creation
    It is a fun time of year to be making nice things for your home
    Thanks for adding me to your following list, it is always interesting to see what other creative bloggers are up to


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