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October 12, 2010

Statues with new looks!

Spontaneous purchase turned out to be a wise decision!

I bought this Dove Finial on an impulse at Pier 1 Imports...

it was on clearance and I just had a gut feeling I could infuse it with my garden. However as you can see, it was kind of ugly the way they finished it. They were trying to make it look like it had moss on it...I think it looks like it's been camoflauged!

When I saw how well it fit on the wall corner I knew I made a wise decision and it had to stay there!

I used two colors of spray paint to give it an old look...It was interesting...after a few mistakes I finally decided it was done.

I like the way they had textured it, it looks like it could be an old iron piece.

Updating an old garden friend.....

I've had this little girl with a basket of fish for 10 years...the painted Verdi look has gotten tired and I wanted to update her....

First I cleaned her up with water and I used a scotch-brite pad to rough up the surface.

(She's made of cement) This was the first coat, kind of a stone gray color.

Next I applied a soft white color to create some highlights....(I used a small paint brush, a foam painting brush, and a sponge) it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but I think she turned out pretty good....I like her face now...softer and younger...

She's back in her spot in the garden again.........

1 comment:

  1. i came upon you by mistake, what a wonderful site, my backyard is bare, and your pictures are so beautiful.

    thank you for making my evening!


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