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October 3, 2010

French Infusion Cont'd

Le Manteau....
      This is an ongoing experiment of elements on the mantel for me.   I'm using items I already owned and new ones, trying to blend and create this French look I'm goaling for....
     I've had people always say, your good at this you should do it for a living, but truthfully I'm just the average person trying to decorate like a professional....There is a lot to learn and it helps if you have a large wallet to grab the items you want to get your look.  
     I am also working with an existing fireplace with a mantle that I love, but it certainly isn't the first choice for the French look.  

     I found these two pedestal vases at a local decorators store that is going out of business.... I knew I wanted them immediately although I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them.  I visualized them in the dining area, which didn't work the way I thought.  I had ordered a new arched mirror to try with the fireplace mantel area and after it was put up, it suddenly came to my mind to try these on the mantel..

This is a newly acquired piece from another store going out of business.... ugh... such sadness these days. 
This is a Theodore Alexander piece from the Atelier de la Madeleine line.  I had visualized this by my front door, which didn't work.  The color clashed with the wall color but when we set the drawers out in this living room it seemed like it was the place to be!  

I am very pleased with it, I've got my table linens in the drawers and still have one free drawer to use.  
Again, I am playing with decorating ideas...the topiary is a little project of mine, and I don't think it's going to stay there.... Notice the lamp...that was from the same store....it's a Wildwood brand lamp...and if you know the brand you will appreciate that I picked it up for under $200...

    OK, this is for people with a sense of humor!


  What is sad is that for a brief few moments I  thought it might work! I thought I was so smart... put a brass plate over top of the urn and set the lamp on it...brilliant!!  NOT!!!  LOL..... You have to try or you don't know!!  (I plead temporary insanity!)
You know what they say about proportions....
This had potential, but for the spot I was setting it in, it just became lost.  

My mother and father went to Europe for a 7 country tour back  in the early 80's....this Murano glass set was selected by my Mother in Venice.  

The picture is a real oil painting that a young lady my son was dating, brought back for me from France.  I was so appreciative of her getting this for me, but the dominate blue color has been difficult for me to blend in.  For now I have relocated these items into a display cabinet.
So for today this is my Exposé !!!

Comments are welcome!


  1. That piece is beautiful Liz. I love it. I know it's sad when stores close down. I feel for the owners. It does look great there. As for the urn and lamp, well it does look silly. But if you don't try, you will never know. The Murano glass is heavenly...a treasure for sure. Your picture is very vivid...quite eye catching. Enjoy! Linda

  2. Lamp on lamp...very cute Liz!!~ I think everything is looking so pretty. I love that piece by the window..it is gorgeous!

  3. Love the look on your mantel!! beautiful!!

    Art by Karena

  4. I love the oil painting but you're right to say that it's too blue. Maybe in another room? Have a lovely day! Kellie xx


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