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March 7, 2018

Turning Up The Green For St. Patrick's Day!

Let's kick up our heels and dance our way through St. Patrick's Day!

This is a link to a very festive collection of Irish Folk Music
You can click on this and enjoy- open a new page and visit other blogs and let it play!

I added shamrocks to the chandelier for this festive day!

I like these heavy beaded goblets for this setting.  The three tier centerpiece works out well for serving pieces and desserts to be displayed.  I'm going to make egg salad sandwiches with some shredded corned beef piled on top with swirl rye bread.  I found a recipe for Irish Coffee Cupcakes that sounds so good (except I might skip the whiskey in the frosting part).

The little sheep planter became a temporary tea caddy for the "shamrock" tea!
(They're actually just little stick on shamrocks)

A little sugar and creamer for the tea!

A beautiful morning has begun with sunshine flooding in!

Royal Albert Shamrock Dishes

A few hats snatched from those mischievous Leprechauns!
(These are actually clip-on hats I found at Party Giant)

I've used these shamrock dishes several times- it's fun to come up with a new look.  I chose the napkin rings because of their soft golden highlights which are also found on the chargers.  My everyday white dishes (Mikasa - Antique White) worked well for this table setting.

The shamrock lace tablecloth shows up best with a contrasting color.  I got the emerald green tablecloth from an on-line company a while back.

Keep on dancing!

This will be ideal for a ladies luncheon!

Thank you for joining my Turning Up The Green For St. Patrick's Day!



  1. Oh my gosh Liz this is so pretty and fun. I am telling you girl you need to take all these post pics of your wonderful table settings and put them in a book! You have such a talent when it comes to table settings. This one is really great.

  2. I just love it! The Byers figures r so cute! I often use mine in tablescape centerpieces but I don't have any for St Patrick's Day. What else... I love the sheep planter, the shamrock tablecloth, and those dishes...table envy! A charming, inviting table.

  3. Give me those cups and saucers!!!! So sweet! I would want to use those the whole month of March!!! Royal Albert, huh? Just beautiful!!! Unbelievable that St. Patrick’s Day is so near. And it will be Easter in a heartbeat! I was also just reminded that we “Spring forward” this weekend. I’m SO not ready for that! I wish they’d do away with this whole Daylight Savings time thing. It’s so confusing. I’m glad you were finally able to catch some good sunlight for your table!

  4. Oh the Royal Albert is so gorgeous and delicate! What a fun pattern. I haven't seen it before. Those Shamrock shaped teas are the funnest. Obviously I need to look for a beautiful tablecloth for St. Patrick's Day. This one is so pretty with the green peeking through.

  5. I love your adorable dancing centerpiece! ... The table is not only fun, but exquisite too!...now that is an art! Beautiful table Liz....from the gorgeous Royal Albert to the cute party favor hats! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  6. Beautiful dishes. The centerpiece is darling with those cute little figures. love the idea of dancing their way through St. Patrick's. Gotta love those shamrocks.

  7. I loved everything about your table. The tablecloth really speaks to the tradition of Irish lace. I'd love to join you in an Irish jig!
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  8. Such a fun table. Everything is so cute.


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