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February 18, 2018

Easter Floral Egg Basket

I know Easter is a ways off but all the stores are stocking products now and I was in the mood to create something.  I got out my supplies and loaded up the kitchen table to work on it.

I found the egg at TJ max which started the ball rolling.  The basket is from Michael's and the florals that I bought for it.  I always save the styrofoam to reuse.  I flipped over the green piece and had a fresh side.

I took some wire and poked it through the basket to tie down the foam which I also needed to help the clay pot sit higher and for the flowers to poke into.  I hot glued the clay pot to the foam.

I chose yellow and pink for my primary colors and some grassy stems.  They have 40% off on all of it right now and the supplies are good.  

I poked the grass stems into the center.

My initial thought was to set the egg on top of the grass but the grass became to flat and then I had a problem securing the egg so I pulled the grass stems out and hot glued the egg to the clay pot and then arranged the flowers and grass around it.

I wanted it to look like the bunny is pushing the cart through a field of grass and flowers. 

  I think this will be a cute centerpiece and or accent on a table.  

All because I bought the egg!

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  1. Clever and oh so cute. I have been bringing out some sweet Easter things to start putting around the house. Have a great Sunday.

  2. So pretty, indeed dear friend. I have a pretty white basket I painted a few years ago and you are inspiring me to get to Easter, even if somewhat early.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Have a lovely week.

  3. Now I want that eggs too. It's perfect for Easter.
    Love what you did with the basket also.
    The checked green cloth sets it off nicely.
    Spring can't get here soon enough!
    Linda C in Seattle.
    We had snow this morning but it's gone now.

    1. Thank you Linda. That egg was only $5.99 so I felt good about that! I agree spring can’t get here soon enough!

  4. Very cute. I may have to copy that....

  5. Oh dear, now I have a new project I want to do, Just than a day after I created a new spring wreath and was feeling so proud of myself. The problem will be storing it afterwards....

    1. I know what you mean- storing everything can be difficult but somehow we always find a way- right?

  6. Liz, this is an awesome idea, I just love it! Thanks for sharing how you created it. Guess, I’ll be heading out to TJ Max’s!

  7. Very creative and pretty Liz! It will look great in one of your vignettes.

  8. Very pretty Easter basket. The egg is darling. Great find and love your creativity.

  9. Dang, girl!!!!! You aced it!!! That is really cool! I may have to steal your idea! I love this!

  10. Love it Liz!!! Such a cute idea! Great job and looks fantastic on the table!


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