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June 16, 2017

Heavenly Peonies

 I love the scent of peonies and I think they are a beautiful flower too!
I don't have tags from them but after doing research they are considered heirloom peonies.  

This was one of the first peonies to bloom and then they started opening fast!  We had some really strong thunderstorms with lots of wind so I'm grateful it didn't ruin them.  They are bent over a bit more now but at least they're not broken.

 I did put a metal cage for peonies out in the spring and made sure the plant grew up the center to help support it and I like how it worked!  This picture was taken May 2nd- it's amazing how much growth has occurred since then!

I have three colors in this bed.  The darker pink color needs to be moved but I am very impressed with how well it's doing this year.  The big blue spruce is crowding it a lot but somehow it still manages to bloom.  Peonies don't like to be moved but it will have a bit more leg room off to the side  of the white ones.

The white is the most fragrant and I like how the Cranesbill (perennial geraniums) always are blooming at the same time. 

This is an easy plant to take care of.  It spreads a bit but it's not hard to control it.  Great border plant.

The perennial purple salvia is always a reliable plant and I love the color.  There will be Shasta daisies and lilies blooming soon too.

I think these are heavenly!
Have a great weekend! 


  1. Oh, boy! Great tip on using the tomato cage around the peony! I'm going to do that! I really like those Cranesbill flowers, too. That would make an excellent border! Full sun? Part sun? I know if they're hardy in your region they've got to be so in ours. Man, you have such beautiful grounds!!!!!! I wish my thumb was that green!!!

  2. They are heavenly, Liz! Your garden looks so fresh and healthy. Our heat and humidity is taking its toll on my gardens. The burst of spring is over for us. My cranesbill geraniums are different than your pretty ones--so many blooms! Peonies have the best fragrance--I can't help but bring some inside, even though the ants come in also. ♥

  3. Your garden is simply lovely, Liz! You have that magic growing touch! We went from a cool spring to a hot beginning of summer. My flowers seem to be suffering and the grass is drying up, too!

  4. Your peonies are very pretty.
    I'd like to grow some here.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Linda C in Seattle

  5. Soooo beautiful Liz. Love peonies. Happy Fathers Day to your sweet hubby this weekend.

  6. So very pretty. I adore the peonies. I should try to add some to our garden. Such a beautiful time of year to enjoy your blooms.

  7. Liz, your yard and garden are so lovely! I'm dying to have some of those peonies and the Cranesbill too. Wondering if you have discussed where you buy your plants? I'm looking for a source out of town as our local shops just don't carry such pretty flower bushes.

  8. I have a couple of those supports and always forget to put them in place before the peonies spring up! Your heirloom varieties are beautiful!


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