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November 1, 2015

Tartan Parade at the Polohouse

I wanted to join Alison at the Polohouse for her 2015 Tartan Parade party so I dug through my blog archives for some of my tartan pieces.

 Back in the late 80's to 90's there were some department store Teddy Bears known as Santa Bears put out by our local Michigan store called Hudson's and the Chicago based store known as Marshall Fields.  One year they offered these adorable tartan pattern chairs so I ordered them.  I couldn't part with them even though I don't display the bears any longer.
They're about 24" tall

I have some Tartan patterned dishes by Williams Sonoma that I found last year.

 These plates came from Cracker Barrel and though I often think of Tartan prints at Christmas time I used these for a Valentine's tablescape.

Thank you Alison for hosting this party!

The Polohouse


  1. Liz, I wouldn't part with those adorable tartan chairs either. What a find! Love seeing all your pretty tartan dishes and those pretty Juliska hearts. By the way, I did finally get some of those for my friend. '-)

    Enjoy the parade. Thanks for joining the fun!

  2. Your plaids are so pretty, Liz! You always create pretty tablescapes, and I love the Williams Sonoma plates! Hope you have a great week. :)


    Denise at Forest Manor

  3. Those chairs are a real treasure -- especially in plaid!!! Sally

  4. Those chairs are simply gorgeous! I love how tall they are. Very special. I also love your plaid plates, perfect for any holiday as you've used them.
    Happy November.

  5. What beautiful vignettes, Liz!
    I am in love with those mini wingbacks. Thank GOODNESS
    you never parted with them. But if you do--- you know who to
    contact! Super cute.
    Love your plates and your wonderful layered tablescape.
    Perfect tribute to tartan.
    Thanks for linking up with the parade today!

  6. Liz, I love your tartan dishes and love how you use them with those cute heart plates! I'm all for using plaid all winter, we need it to warm us up, don't we? Those tartan chairs are adorable, I'm glad you didn't part with them.

  7. Hi Liz, love the chairs and they would be hard to part with. I remember growing up with Hudson's. It was a favorite place to shop. Remember the J.L Hudson Christmas parade on Thanksgiving? Your dishes are awesome. They look great with the darling heart plate. I am looking for a plaid tablecloth for Christmas to use in my dining room. Just love a tartan plaid.
    Have a great night. xo

  8. I have the sisters to your WS dishes. Love your wee tartan chairs.


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