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January 1, 2015


2015 is finally here!  YAY!  
We got enough snow to cover things and make it feel like winter- and some very cold temps to convince us of it!

Now I will finally take down my holiday decorations.  Not as much fun as putting them up but I can do a little purging which will make me feel better!  I picked up a few new things at a store with 60% off right after Christmas so I have to get rid of something- that's my rule!  

I barely stayed awake to watch the ball fall in New York. Did you make it or don't you bother?  

Well- I'm off to get my coffee and to start the tear down.  

Best wishes to all of you for a Blessed and Happy New Year!


  1. Sorry to say, once again we slept right through it! Glad you were able to see it come in! Happy New Years!!

  2. Happy New Year! I stayed up pretty late. Paul didn't make it...lol. I already took down Christmas decoration, I cleaned and put it all away on Sunday. The house looks so bare. It was pretty cold here last night. Nothing compared to you. Here's to a very happy, healthy new year. Hugs

  3. As a very early riser I was in bed by 9pm. LOL

    Wishing you and yours a joyously happy and healthy New Year!

  4. their pictures are beautiful !!! love greetings and happy 2015 !!! angie

  5. Happy New Year! I didn't make it. It was so dark, cold and snowy it made me sleepy. I am packing up the things I used this year.

  6. Dear Liz,
    "Mr. Ed" & I made it 'til 12:08PM!!!
    Happy New Year, dear friend!!!

  7. Hi Liz, Happy New Year. We made it into the new year and saw the ball drop in Times Square. It's been cold here and raining every since! Thankfully it's not freezing. Spent yesterday taking down the decorations, but with the rain, we couldn't get outside.
    I have so enjoyed getting to know you this past year and look forward to many more fun visits. Love the pic and writing in the snow.

  8. Yes, saw the ball drop in Times Square and the Acorn drop in Raleigh and toasted in the New Year! I wish you a most happy and healthy New Year Liz!...

  9. I like to take things down (almost) as much as I like decorating for the Holidays.
    I'm too inconstant and after a while I start missing having the house into my daily normal things and accents.
    I won't do it before the next weekend as I'll be working during the week and Epiphany falls in the middle of it. But you can expect a happy dance from me when I bring my old knick knacks back ahahah
    Wishing you a Wonderful Happy New Year!

  10. Liz,
    Thanks so much for your visits and kind words. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better now.
    It will take me quite a long time to take down Christmas but I am in no hurry and not going to stress myself out over it.

  11. Happy 2015, Liz. It's a sick house here, so haven't been around. Decos are piled waiting for enough energy to carry them down to the basement. Sick of looking at the mess though!


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