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January 23, 2014

Winter- Through My Windows

"The sun has come out and we get excited about that around here! 
 It's only 9 degrees as I'm snapping shots from the windows in my house.  I debated with myself about going out to take more pictures but the debate was short and the answer was "not going there"!

 Living in the Great Lakes region we get snowfalls quite regularly.  Notice the little stakes- they are there to help hubby remember not to get too close to my garden area. I have iris planted there and his snow blower can quickly do damage!

We keep several bird feeders well stocked. 

Through the window in the living room is my weeping mulberry tree.  The birds zoom in and out of it a lot.

A cardinal was visiting

Out back my fairy in the flower garden is holding a bouquet of snow!

Don't worry, she'll look like this come summer!

What do I do to keep busy?

Well as of the past few days I've been shuffling
my furniture in the living room and I've 
brought back my game table. 
I'll elaborate on this in another post!

I am joining 
the Tablescaper


  1. Hi Liz - It's a winter wonderland outside your window--just beautiful. The snow looks so bright and fresh (compared to Boston!). Happy Weekend!


  2. I KNEW you couldn't possibly be just chillin' out!!! You are one of the busiest bees I know! :-)

  3. How DO we do it, Liz? How do we stand all these cold cold days-a lot of them sunless? It is crazy cold here, too. You take great photos- even through your windows! Let's pray for an early Spring! xo Diana

    1. Good question! Either we're very dumb or incredibly optimistic! I'd like to think it's the latter but sometimes I think it's the first! I'm definitely dreaming of spring!

  4. You certainty have a beautiful view out your window. We are getting some cold weather here in Tennessee but very little snow. You have a lovely home always look forward to your blog.

    1. Thank you Yarlette. I wanted to reply to your email but couldn't because the email address isn't there.

  5. I loved seeing your snow pics and the bird feeders. It's been unusually cold here and we notice the birds seem to be finding shelter in the evergreens a lot more than usual. Hubbs said he saw a robin this morning. Maybe Spring isn't too far behind.
    Your weeping mulberry looks pretty with all the snow. Do you get mulberries from it?

  6. Liz, I'm laughing about your short debate about going outside. Your pictures are beautiful. (Obviously, your windows are cleaner than mine!) That picture of the snow on the tree branches looks like something from a Christmas book, and I love the bright red Cardinal in the branches of your Willow. I look forward to seeing your furniture rearrangement. Stay warm and cozy. laurie

  7. I don't blame you for staying inside! I adore the multiple bird feeder post! I may have to see if my husband can make me one. Lovely fairy garden, both the summer and winter look.

    Enjoy your game table. It is cold here in the southside of VA, but nothing to compare to the Great Lakes!

    From Virginia

  8. Wow, I cannot believe how much snow you have. Seeing your little girl statue all covered up is a totally different look than Summer or Spring. Staying inside is a good idea. It must be awful to drive around in the snow and worry about ice. I am thankful to live in a state that doesn't have extreme temps.. Stay warm and cozy.

  9. Liz
    The snow is so beautiful. but your photo of your fairy garden makes me long for summer again!
    Now what will you do with that game table I wonder?

  10. Liz, your photos in the snow are beautiful. I like to photograph the snow as well.

  11. Beautiful snowy pictures, Liz. I am SO ready for Spring, I can't wait til all this WHITE is GONE!!!!

  12. You have lots and lots of snow. More than we have, but that's fine with me. It is so pretty when you can stay inside and not have to deal with it in any way. Your photos are lovely.

  13. Your pics are beautiful. Glad you are warm and cozy inside and have power to share with us. I am afraid when we get weather all our power goes out.

    Look forward to viewing what you have been up to while snowed in.


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