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January 31, 2014

Stepping up the Blues in my Kitchen Dinette

I've been continuing on my quest for color because of  this all white winter wonderland I'm living in. 

I pulled out a big white pitcher and filled it with some
silk florals that I had in storage.  More shopping my house!

 I chose the agapanthus for the blue, some antique roses, grasses, and a purple orchid branch for a pop of color!

 Our outdoor world is limiting...tons of snow and some icy patches that have made it a little more treaturous than normal so I've really been staying home a lot.

It does my brain good to walk into this area and see some color.  I picked up that dough bowl last fall in Litiz on our trip to Pennsylvania that I posted about "here"  
Come to think about it I also got that white pitcher In Pennsylvania several years ago.

 A little more blue and extra color just because!

I'm joining 
The Dedicated House 

Thank you Kathryn for featuring me on Anything Blue Friday.  My last week's post was listed as the favorite!  I thank all of you who visited!



  1. Don't you just love those blue placemats? Once again, you've given me an idea for my table -- I've got the pitcher, a wooden bowl, the blue placemats, and of course, I've got silk flowers in storage. Unfortunately, my storage is in my garage and it's pretty darn cold out there to be rooting around in my containers. :)

  2. Liz, your bouquet in the pitcher looks so pretty, but I love that big blue pot in the corner. All of the touches of blue do brighten things up. laurie

    1. Thanks Laurie. That big blue pot is from Ethan Allen. Our store closed last year and I lucked out and got it for 40% off. I do treasure it.

  3. What a serenne table vignette, I so love White pitchers with flowers more than vases, even. The blue pot I see in the back of it it's gorgeous, I also adore blue things, lol! Thanks for your sweet and kind visit dear Liz. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Liz, I love that splash of color on your table, you are so right, right now with this gloomy weather a few touches of color can make the day seem brighter.
    I also love your drapes, do you mind disclosing where you found those. They are perfect for your space.

  5. Oh the flowers are so beautiful with all the colors that pair so well with your room...I love the container, I have some pitchers and I use them the same as you ...pretty

  6. You know, I always think of blue as being a "cool" color but here it looks very warm and welcoming paired with the other flowers. It looks "unwintery" and I, like you, am tired of all the snow and cold. xo Diana

  7. Oh my goodness, you just keep doing such cute things and you know they are stirring up creativity!
    Love your touches of blue, it is all so pretty. Glad to see you used silk flowers, I think they are a great alternative especially when, they look as real as yours do. Love it.

  8. Those are NOT silk flowers!!! No way! They look so great, Liz! I can't afford to do fresh flowers all around my house year round, so good silks are a great substitute. You picked some beauties! And they're arranged so beautifully!!!

    This table vignette really does stand out nicely against the background of snow. I know you'll be glad to see Spring come round.

    We had some really ugly weather here today that caused many multiple car pile-ups. It's sleeting out as I type this, and snow is predicted to fall over night to the tune of 1"-3" on top of it. My Mom, sister & I were supposed to go shopping and then to a comedy club show, but we (wisely!) opted out. Wondering if the Mother-Daughter luncheon will be cancelled tomorrow. This stuff is getting serious, but the REALLY bad stuff is expected to pull into town on Tuesday. I think they said 5"-10". Guess who's planning to stay indoors ALL week long? ;-)

    Have a great weekend! Thanks for sharing your bright and beautiful creation!!!

  9. I love the blue Liz! It's beautiful and those flowers look so real!!~~Ang

  10. Beautiful flowers the bowl too. Love the blues! Changing things up abit is good....I love using silk flowers in vignettes. We can't always use real ones. We are getting alittle rain. Watching the Superbowl today.

  11. The blue looks so warm and inviting. It is perfect.


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