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February 2, 2011

Splashes of color...wishing winter away

I was visiting a blog called Boxwood Terrace and she was talking about raising the flag to Mother Nature about this weather we've all been getting!  I'm with her!
Every year when winter gets to me I dream of things like barbecues and lush colors from the outdoors...  So because that isn't on the table right now I work at bringing a little color and joy inside my home.

This is my candle corner...I have a small obsession with candles and glass items.  I was intrigued with the slight spiral shape of tall candle holder on the left and picked that up about 6 years ago. 
The very tallest one in the back is a newer find from Pier 1 Imports...the two matching ones with the bubbled centers were from a gift shop in Pennsylvania while on a trip and the little votives were a recent find at a local store called 
The Candle Factory.  I added in the dark wood candle holders to work with the wood frames on the wall.
 I am intrigued by the art of glass blowing...maybe someday I could try it!
The decorative candles were from Pier 1 Imports at the holidays and I thought they were just fine to be used year round.... you can see a slight green in the background under the gold design...

These colors are found throughout the living room.
The cats slumbering on my sofa near the fireplace...totally zonked out!
They know how to enjoy the winter!
My indoor garden is coming along!  Can't wait to see the flowers!
Please also check out my good friend Linda she's gotten into the green too!
Check out Vignette Designs' green feature too!
Here is another blog featuring green Lynne's Gifts From the Heart
What are you doing to spice up the winter for yourself?


  1. Candles are gorgeous Liz! I left you something on my blog go check it out!

  2. Your white with golden covering candle is fab Liz... And yes I am also waiting for your indoor garden to bloom


  3. What a collection! I love the white candle with the gold wrap... really beautiful!

  4. They are all so lovely.
    I think you are right using them all year.
    I can't wait to see your beautiful flowers.

  5. Wow! Liz they are really unique candles and your arranged them so well. Love the gold ones. I've been snuggling with warm throws to stay warm and toasty.

    I hear you on the winter. I'm ready for spring green and the fresh air myself.

    Happy weekend!
    ~Melissa :)

  6. I love the candles and the gold ones work great all year. Love your cats! Siamese? they usually are big talkers lol You were "right on" about the legs on that box being all wrong, new legs or no legs was a suggestion, people love just boxes. Next time I am going to ask you ladies first, I knew something was wrong, but not what!


  7. Your candles are displayed so lovingly. The glow of a candle in a room is always welcome in my book, especially this time of year. Thank you for the link up darling.. stay warm. hugs ~lynne~

  8. Liz they look great and are those paperwhites so good to see something green in the mist of winter :)

  9. So pretty Liz...I love paperwhites..I really do:) They make me smile on a gray winter day. X0


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