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January 28, 2011

Round 2

Well, the amaryllis has started a 2nd round!  The last flower was done about 5 days ago, so I trimmed off the stalks to allow the energy to go to the new growth.

Overall I think they are a pretty good investment, I've had flowers now since the beginning of January and I'm getting ready for a second go around in February!

I also started a pot of bulbs that I am forcing indoors. 
I'm not sure I did it right, I learned after I potted them that there were things I didn't know.
I was told by a sales person at the garden center that they should have been put in a fake dormancy state for 12 weeks or they won't flower for me.  Then I read that after potting them to put them in a dark place like a closet for 8 weeks, keeping them moist and then bring them out. 
My logic was, that since I ordered them in December, and the bulb suppier had them on hand from the fall bulb sales season, that the bulbs were already dormant.
Well I had already potted them, so I covered them with a dark cloth (because I don't have room in a closet to set the pot).  I tried to create the darkness through that method.  The bulbs started growing and were pushing the fabric in the air, so I decided I'd take it off and let nature take it's course.
 I'm optimistic that they will flower.... keep your fingers crossed for me!

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