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January 1, 2011

Face Lift

Well, I decided that I would start the new year with a Face lift on my Blog (not me)! 
So for the Face Lift I found a new background and changed the header.... 
I've had a good day and looking forward to a progressive week of putting things back to normal around the house.  
I'm slowly taking down the Christmas decorations and carefully storing them for next year.  I also plan to get rid of some more old decorations that I haven't used in a long time.  These items stacked on my dining table were part of this years decorations.  Now to get them packed away....
Funny how when you buy some of the Christmas decorations you are so sure it will be something you will use for a long long time!  Some of it is, but a lot of it isn't...For me it's mostly due to a change in my tastes, type of decorating that I like now vs. what I used to like.  
Then I am attacking my storage area to neaten it up again.
Those are my current goals!  I'm keeping my goals short term rather than focusing on long term!  That way I won't be too disappointed in myself!
Hope everybody has had a good start to the new year too!


  1. Very nice Liz Love the new look and I am trying to get things put away but I have a bit much on my plate so things may not be so neat lol I may just stuff them away for now and get it organized later. I go to the doctor this week about my shoulder surgery so work, new business and surgery no room for anymore.

  2. I like your new header!!! When I "dedecorate" as I call it, I label each box by what room and area it goes in, for example: dining room server, or kitchen hutch. Makes it alot easier each year! I can always change things but basically it stays pretty much the same.


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