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January 4, 2011


 Isn't nature fun... 
These Paperwhites just kept growing taller and this morning they had joined together as though they were bonding...
Together they form a nice bouquet....
 Update on the Amaryllis...
It finally bloomed and the other two have caught up to each other, so I believe these two will be blooming together.....2 out of 3 isn't bad I guess..but darn it I wanted them all blooming at the same time! 
(No my curtains aren't crooked it's me I can't take straight pictures :) 


  1. They are so pretty Liz I have to get busy and try this!

  2. Very beautiful Liz ,... I was waiting after your last post... the colour is very beautiful.... Daffodils are 10* from my side... you have spring in your home and this time of the year ... Lovely

  3. Hi Liz~ How beautiful, we love these inside blooms - waiting for the ouside ones can't come soon enough! ~Marcy


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