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October 16, 2010

Putting the garden to sleep...

I've begun the process of putting the  flower pots away for the season....we've been hit with frosts and things are dying off...
I still had some healthy looking plants, but I also had some that had been hit hard and were all shriveled up...I always find it very difficult to do this, but I know from experience that in no time we will be getting the cool rainy weather which then leads in the the "S" word...
 No one told these impatiens how cold it's been!  This little corner near the fountain is well protected...
 Turned the fountain off today too...now we battle leaves for a little while longer...
 My Endless Summer Hydrangeas are still blooming!  It's been a crazy year for me with these plants...I've sure enjoyed them!  I highly recommend this hydrangea if you've ever had trouble growing them, this one will not disappoint!


  1. Liz I love fall even though it means it's time for the gardens to end the excitment of spring is with me through winter. Fall is so full of color there is something very enchanting about the cool crisp autum days!

  2. I agree with you completely Sue! The winter gives me a chance to dream about the spring and the new ideas I want to make happen....having the time off gives me the renewal to get out there again!
    I do love the fall too! I went to a garden center that had apples for sale under a canopy and the aroma was so intoxicating...it smelled so good! I'd love to have a nice cool area to store goods like apples, potatoes, onions, etc. Thanks for stopping by!


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