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October 8, 2010

French Infusion, 2nd edition

Tweaking away as usual....I had these two candlesticks in another spot and decided to give them a try on the new chest piece....

This picture on the right is truer to the wall color and the curtains. They always photograph so yellow/gold with the flash, but the walls are not nearly that color. They are painted with Benjamin Moore in Concord Ivory. 
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  We are going to try to get out and tour the area and see some of the beautiful fall colors....it's truly a beautiful time of year!
Love to hear your comments....


  1. Those are beautiful candlesticks! They look great in their new location. =)

  2. Hi lovely lady. I do love your candlesticks so FRENCH ~~~your lamp's are Beautiful also. I hope you are having a great weekend.lol

  3. Oh, I can't wait to see your desk!! I do love Hooker - furniture!! Both of my dining sets are made by Hooker. They have a really beautiful line out now that is way beyond my reach. But, it's fun to marvel over it when I'm browsing the store. I'll have to look up the name of it when I get a chance.
    The canister set is made by Demdaco and it's called Bienvenue. I LOVE it! I bought another set a few months ago and had these put away. I just missed them too much and had to get them back out on the counter! They make me smile! Haha!
    It would be so much fun to go shopping with you! =)
    Let me know when you get your desk!

  4. I am looking for Demdaco Bienvenue items and just love your French inspiration style! Thank you for sharing.


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