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October 4, 2010

Did someone say Fleur-De-Lis

Did someone say Fleur De Lis!! Yes that is a design I adore...

We tore apart the bathroom in the spring and painted, then I decorated...I talked my husband into adding another light into the bathroom, and I found this adorable miniature chandelier at Lowes...totally unexpected (roughly $85)...and it looks exactly like a $300 one on Horchow's web site made by another manufacturer in bright brass......The red curtain and valance are hung on their own rods just forward of the tub/shower area.  The shower liner is behind on it's own rod and I keep it tucked to the side so you can't see it.  So, yes there are three rods in all to do this! 

These are Sid Dickens Memory Plaques and the vase was sent to me by a new friend from New Mexico, which has the Fleur De Lis symbol on it too!

I found this tapestry on line and knew it had to be in here!  I started out with wanting to do a "French" theme, and it got a big of Tuscan mixed in with it. I just love this tapestry, makes me think of a castle.....  

This is a close up of the tile accent in the bathroom.  I chose these 9 years ago- I was on the track for this kind of decorating then and didn't know it!

I still have my brass faucets and don't plan to change them...I'm not one to jump too fast on trends...I figure brass will make a come back anyway!  Then I will be en vogue again! We did change the hardware on the cabinetry to an oiled rubbed bronze finish and I think that helped warm things up and allow the brass to still fit in just fine!  
 This is a project I put together for above the commode...I bought this large print, then picked a section to cut away and place behind the multi opening mat...
 I also removed the towel bar that came with the cabinet...I've had fancy towels on it for years and they never get used, so I decided to be different and do away with it.

I covered the hole created from removing the rod with this little decorative piece I found in the lamp hardware section.  It was a brass finished plastic piece and I sprayed it with an oil rubbed bronze paint.

You can't see much of it here, but the sconce next to the cabinet also has the Fleur De Lis design! 

Hope you enjoyed my bathroom tour!


  1. Beautiful!! I love the way you've decorated your powder room! =)

    I have some Sid Dickens Memory Blocks, too! They're so much fun to decorate with, aren't they? I'm looking forward to following your blog.


  2. Liz, your bathroom is so elegant! I made the same decision about all of our brass fixtures, except in our guest bath where we had to replace a faucet and could NOT find brass. I did get a Victorian style, but wound up with a chrome finish :-( I love the brass and agree with you...it HAS to come back in fashion before too long!


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